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OES Website Maintenance DSP Launching Update

Hello viewers OES Website maintenance is under process. We all are waiting for the OES new upcoming update related DSP launch. Because DSP is the key of converting or exchanging ONE to USDT cryptocurrency.

 OES Website Maintenance

OES Under maintenance DSP Launch ONE Exchange

As the time for deployment is coming to an end, OES ONEEcosystem website gone under maintenance is seeming very dangerous for ONE members.

Actually they all want to get Euro credit for their account deployment. As the time deadlines is approaching, it causing great worry among users.

But don't worry. It's just a regular identity server update. As per the news FATF and cryptocurrency regulation guidelines, it is necessary to update the server.

For users it is safe and secure because identity server keep the records of your KYC documents and important users ID and passwords records.

After identity server update all users have to update their passwords accordingly for system well beings.

DSP Launching Update

DSP is DealShaker pool where people can convert their ONE to USDT and withdrawal these USDT to their fiat currency.

DSP is a system where merchants and IMA can lock their coins for 12 months and after that USDT will be rewards to them.

DSP pool will be live in September and this is the reason of OES maintenance. Because some integration work may be going on upon the website. 

Once the update will be completed, website will be live again. So, just be patience and keep watching the regular update.

Some related questions:

When OneCoin Exchange will Start?

As per the newsletter after september 2023, people will be able to convert their ONE to USDT through DSP. Initially process will be manual and then automatic.

What will Happened if I will not deploy my OES profile?

Your account will be active on ETH blockchain system. You could not use it for purchasing goods and services on DealShaker. Only ONE academy education module will work for you.

Conditions for Deployment? 

  1. KYC
  2. Fee Payment

What if OES website maintenance long last till the deployment expiry date?

You ca deploy in second stage deployment time. But the deployment fee will be double this time.

Conditions for ONE to USDT Exchange? 

  1. Sell products and services with ONE. Accept ONE up to 20 to 50%. 
  2. KYC should be approved.
  3. Account must be on Polygon blockchain.
  4. Affiliate other merchants products.
  5. Wait for 12 month locking period.
  6. Only ONE to USDT exchange no other cryptocurrency.

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