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DealShaker Pool DSP ONE to USDT Conversion For Merchants And IMA

 DealShaker Pool DSP ONE to USDT Conversion For Merchants And IMA

DealShaker Pool is a system for ONE to USDT conversion for merchants and Individual IMA of OneEcosystem.

Actually, ONE Ecosystem is now providing ONE to USDT Exchange through DealShaker pool system. Here merchants and IMA have to submit their ONE to DealShaker Pool (DSP) for 12 months and after the 12 months period ONE will be converted to the USDT. 

These converted USDT can be withdrawal by ONE Ecosystem members to their USDT wallet by the available payment method.

DealShaker Pool DSP ONE to USDT Conversion Types of Participants

All IMA and Merchants can participate in the DSP. But they have to fullfil the initial conditions. 

Merchants with low value deal have to accept 50% or more ONE from their customers.

Merchants with high volume deals have to accept atleast 10% or more ONE from the buyers. 

Most of the Buyers should be out side from the ONE Ecosystem or DealShaker platform.

IMA who are not selling products and services have to affiliate the products of existing merchants similar to Amazon and FlipKart affiliate program.

IMA will get commissions and this commissions can be converted to the USDT.

 How to Participate in DSP


DSP is very simple to use and exchange ONE to fiat USDT currency. For using this service company announce two process.

Customers have to sent their ONE to the DSP for 12 months time period. Coins will be looked in DSP for this timeframe.

After completion of the maturity period of 12 months coins will be converted to the USDT coins and these can be check in your wallet.

From wallet USDT can be withdrawal to the USDT address of your exchange like Binance or TrustWallet.

People can withdrawal this fund to their bank account after successful receiving to the customers wallet.


DealShaker Pool DSP ONE to USDT Conversion Conditions 


DealShaker Pool DSP ONE to USDT Conversion For Merchants And IMA

All OneEcosystem members and IMA willing to convert their ONE to USDT through DSP have to fulfill their basic need of the followings:

  1. KYC Approved
  2. Deployed to Polygon

All merchants who are willing to exchange their ONE with USDT have to approved their KYC  and their account must be deployed to the polygon network.

Accounts without KYC and on ETH network are not eligible for DealShaker Pool.

How to Convert ONE to USDT Manually

Process of converting ONE to USDT manually is very simple. But you have to follow it step by step otherwise it may be complicated.

  1. Just do business with ONE and Accept atleast 30% ONE payment. 
  2. Now send email to the company at with your story.
  3. Company will check your details and your ONE will be locked for 12 months.
  4. After 12 Months your ONE will be converted into USDT.
  5. So this was the manual process of converting ONE to USDT.

Conditions for Exchanging ONE to USDT

High business volume merchants will be preffered rather than high numbers of deals. Suppose one Merchant place 100 deals and sell products with 2 ONE average cost. On the other hand if ONE merchant place single deal and the value of Deal is 100000 ONE. Then second merchant will be preferred for DSP.

Reason behind this is the volume generated by second merchant.

There is no limit for exchanging ONE to USDT as company is targeting  volume. More volume will be more effective.

12 Months locking period is compulsory for each and every merchant initially. If someone is doing great business and generating high volume then that merchant will get some extra liabilities from the company.

Focus on catuching customers from outside the network because more numbers of customers will generate more volumes to the company.

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