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OneCoin BBC News ! Complain And Comment!



OneCoin BBC News

Hello recently a piece of trending news is getting attention worldwide OneCoin BBC News ). Today we are going to analyze each and every point in detail about it.

The answer from the BBC came:

“We would like to interview one of your representatives for the series…”


“I’d be interested in speaking with one of the merchants on the DealShaker for the series…”

BBC are expecting a merchant and a person from the company for an interview. They have already prepared 8-part podcast series with the information provided by many haters, former employees and sanctioned IMA-s for fraud or T&C violations who chase personal gain.

I am wondering whether if they should be granted that or we all should laugh out loud. It seems that they need a sacrificial lamb because they have been prejudiced all along and did not look for the truth in the first place.

‘Investigative Journalism’ comprises of analysis and review of all relevant facts to the public. Journalism needs to clearly show its key purpose by creating real value and reviewing the facts by telling the real story.

A ‘fact’ is something that actually exists; reality; truth. The journalist has to use FACTS which are accurate and proven. Fears, competitive struggles, motivations for private or political revenge should be left aside. These rumors which have been spread around about OneLife have no ground or truthful substance.

BBC should stand for accountability, reliability and high standards. BBC should be guided by accuracy, professional, ethical and moral codes.

Where are the facts? Where is the other side of this debate?

You spread accusations BBC! What is worse is that you have plotted it this way!

Why We Get Respons On OneCoin BBC News?

Please follow these steps:

  1. The BBC knows and acknowledged now that we are a lobbying group behind all these complaints – so, we use the same complaint procedure, put in the reference number of our previous complaint and specifically state our “precise reasons” for complaint (they have to respond officially). The Podcasting trailer was released with write-ups about The Missing Cryptoqueen series from 17 September 2019. Which means we were indeed aware of their biased views before we lodged our complaints.

2. Reading the Ofcom guidelines helps to know what we should be saying exactly to the BBC and then it becomes stronger for us to then get Ofcom to examine our complaints against the BBC.

3. With such a big number of people complaining, it is only matter of time before other media broadcasters pick up on it who are much more professional, keen to see the truth and will definitely see the other side of the story and that is when the BBC will learn their lessons and see who they are messing with?

4. In doing all these, our belief, our focus, and our energy will be to promote all the good things we are doing about OneCoin OneLife Network and for clarity, I have highlighted those points below to keep in our minds:

a) the BBC to be objective and not one-sided with interviewing those who are no longer with OC / OLN due to violations & breaches of IMA terms & conditions

b) the BBC to examine those expert’s reports on our blockchain and the company has already responded to their points in those emails correspondence

c) the BBC should know that with all the past investigations, they found no wrongdoings with OneCoin

d) everyone knows that those who mis-sold our educational packages are punished accordingly and it was their own responsibility to conduct their business lawfully

e) we have created a secure, safe and regulated COIN. We have much more requirements incorporated to prevent unlawful activities with our systems in place which are all mentioned in our official response to the BBC

f) the DealShaker platform is created as a “hub” for cross border marketing of products, services, and payments

g) the BBC to take serious notice of our OWF charitable work that we are doing since the start of OneCoin project around the World and our achievement to date

h) we are the biggest OneLife Network community in the world from over 194 countries – experiencing the ‘true’ ONE family spirit and approach regardless of people’s race, belief or gender (equal chances)

i) we are creating the mass market payments system for all through our merchants’ platform

j) we are bringing the ‘unbanked’ and the ‘underbanked’ to benefit from the current financial revolution which is ‘unstoppable’

k) all the achievements to date are made possible ONLY because of Dr. Ruja’s Vision and the education that she has given us through the educational packages of OneCoin making us all aware of the financial revolution and gave us the option to use our tokens to mine ONE coins!

OneCoin BBC Doubts & Suitable Solution

Accusation BBC: OneCoin has no true, verifiable blockchain.
Response Onelife: It is incorrect! We regret the suspicion the blockchain does not exist keeps being brought
up again and again by partial interests.
In this regard, we can cite two expert opinions that have been prepared by a specialized IT firm which have been drafted for years and even been supplemented in the course of an investigation led by the public prosecutor of Bielefeld.

It has not been substantiated. On the contrary, the investigations aimed against OneCoin even rendered proof of valid indications that the blockchain exists. In this regard, we have already published statements with references to concrete official records and have quoted from them.

The situation is clear. OneCoin has a particularly innovative system of a centralized blockchain, which we believe to be superior for many reasons. It has a number of significant advantages compared to others, less innovative technological concepts of the decentralized blockchain.

To be precise: the central blockchain ensures a higher degree of security from attacks, which is a tremendously important aspect in the age of hacking.
Well-known authors have also emphasized, such as Germany’s largest weekly journal ‘NJW’ (‘Neue Juristische Wochenschrift’; Schrey/Thalhofer: Rechtliche Aspekte der Blockchain [Legal Aspects of the Blockchain], NJW 2017, 1431).

OneCoin BBC Interview Youtube Links And Comments

I have just seen the BBC video on YouTube, here is the link, please go there to dislike the video and to make your comments to refute their allegations against OneCoin:

My comments:

Your program is one-sided!

You have invited people to participate in your program, who have fallen out with the company for various reasons. You are providing them with a platform to vent their anger to portray the company as the villain.

OneCoin has provided you with the answers to the questions that you presented. However, you have decided to ignore the answers and give your own twisted version. Where is the balance that the BBC is supposed to keep?

If OneCoin is a scam:

• How come the scam is continuing after more than 5 years (the company started Sep. 2014)?

Can you name a scam that lasted 5 years?

• the company has been prosecuted in more than 30 countries, some more than once and not a single illegal activity was attributed to the company. Are the authorities in the prosecuted countries stupid, including the U.K. who have closed their case (18th of September 2019)?

The company is not an investment company. It sells education packages, Levels 1 to 7.

Additionally, the company offers Tokens, Free of charge, which can be mined into Coins, again Free of charge. This is the main attraction.

People go to universities to get education for high fees, but with OneCoin, people get educated and are accorded an opportunity to become part of a Financial Revolution, whose fortune is linked to the performance of OneCoin when it comes out in public.

Jeremy (Podcast presenter) has repeated several times that people were told they will become rich. This, he has attributed to Dr. Ruja. I challenge Jeremy to provide evidence of this.

Finally, if the whole setup is a scam then how come the company has been going through the process of Regulatory requirements with a Central Bank to bring OneCoin to the market?

Our Final Views

An opportunity for OneLifers to persuade public opinion through Social Media.

We have lodged complaints to the BBC, which only they will see. Whether they take any action or not, the public would not know.

By giving thumbs down, the public can see instantaneously rejection of the video. So please, continue to promote this idea to your friends; family and your teams.

The impact of the video:

• On the BBC, the so-called responsible corporation will have to sit up and take notice;

• Our opponents will have to think twice before opening their front against us, in the fear of being set upon by thousands and the impact it will have on their reputation;

• Most importantly, public opinion. It has grave consequences for OneCoin (ONE) when it comes out in public.

If the public has a negative opinion of ONE, who will buy the coin?

Without the public, ONE cannot succeed. Even if we don’t sell initially, the Merchants will. If they can’t, it will impact Dealshaker platform.

If you are a Merchant, who cannot sell their coins, will you not withdraw from the Dealshaker platform?

If this happens, the platform can collapse.

So please, let’s double our efforts and go after the BBC and make them an example for others, so no one will dare spew venom against ONE.