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Why XCOINX Was Closed in 2017 ONE Exchange?



ONE Exchange XCOINX was closed in 2017. Since then people are unable to check the market capitalization, compare with other currency.

They are unable to check their coin in any coin market list. Even people are not taking for this. Why it is so? Also, when people will be able to exchange their ONE for fiat and another cryptocurrency.

Today we are going to analyze all these facts in detail. For that, we will first need to know why XCOINX was closed.

Why XCOINX Was Closed

Initially, OneCoin was able to trade with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you were involved in OneLife activity then you must aware of it.

When we logged into our dashboard, we used to get a BTC option. Actually, this option used to mention the price of OneCoin in the market.

That time German Financial Institute BaFin allow OneCoin trade with other cryptocurrencies Like BTC, ETH, etc.

But in 2017, due to complaints from some people, they stopped their trading completely. The case related to this is going on in the Supreme Court and there are still some consequences to come.

And till there is no final decision from there, it will continue to be used as a currency. But it has no value due to no exchange in the open market.

The company is trying to create its value as an e-commerce currency on the Dealshaker platform.

And when it starts being used in the market, its demand will increase automatically and the German authority will have to lift the ban imposed on it.

When XCOINX.COM Will Be Launched?

When a company’s name becomes dirty in the market, it has to do its business with great caution.

There have also been many alleged allegations on One Coin and it has been banned on the basis of them.

Now the company has to be very cautious to remove all these restrictions. And the company is also doing this. We are seeing some changes in the company’s official activity from time to time.

The best example of getting the business back on track is to improve both the demand and image of the company in the market.

That is why the company is paying a lot of attention to Delshekar and more and more merchants are being brought there. Also, their products are being sold by them.

Will OneCoin Got Success?

Do most people ask whether the company will be able to succeed in this stage? Because it is very important to understand the business closely.

I can say from my personal experience that any company succeeds only because of its customers and the entire ecosystem.

If OneLife company succeeds in its ecosystem then it will surely succeed. And it completely depends upon the IMAs.

If people will believe in the company they will succeed for sure. I hope everything is clear about why XCOINX was closed.

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