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Worst Recession In India Checkout The Biggest Reason



Worst Recession In India

Worst Recession In India: India is currently going through a situation of extreme economic crisis. And we all know the main reason also.

Coronavirus is such a name that on hearing this, we start seeing scenes of the condition of poor laborers walking on the streets.

Such economic conditions have happened in the country that even big professional people are facing financial crisis nowadays.

How Coronavirus has affected our country, today we will discuss about all these countries. We will see why there has been such a huge economic slowdown in India, so let’s start today’s topic.

Why We Are Facing Worst Recession In India

We all know that a country’s economy rests on its various pillars. Today we will analyze them one by one and even after that we will know that we have stood with full power.

1. Manufacturing Industries Are Off.

The manufacturing industry has a huge contribution to run the country’s economy, it is through this that we earn money by making products in our country and exporting them to other countries.

Keeping in mind the social distance in the area due to coronavirus. All the manufacturing industries have been almost closed due to which economic production in the country has been stopped.

2. Tourism Is on Hold

India is a culture-oriented country, every state has a different culture. Different kings have constructed very largely grand buildings here during their times. And along with them, there are some national parks.

Tourists from all over India and abroad come to visit these places, but due to coronavirus, all tourism has stopped, due to which the country is facing economic recession.

3. Transportation is Stopped

There is a population of 135 crores in our country. And they travel from one place to another every day. Likewise, various materials transport from one place to another for their maintenance.

Due to the pandemic spreading across the world. People have stopped moving from one place to another and are not even asking for goods from outside.

In view of all these circumstances, the Indian Transport Department is going into a total loss. Due to which the country is suffering a huge loss every day. If we talk only about railways, then India is losing several hundred crores rupees per day.

4. Worst Recession In India GDP Expand on Public Health

At present, a large amount of money that is collected for the progress of the country is being spent to help the people financially.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a relief package announcement of 2000000 crore rupees. In which he has assured to provide financial help to farmers and small industry husbands.

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