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WHO Launches Blockchain For Fighting COVID 19



WHO Launches Blockchain: Dear friends the whole world is facing coronavirus threats nowadays. The whole world is shivering with fear at this time. And this fear is increasing day by day.

However, in many countries, more than one lakh patients have been cured so far. But still, there is no exact cure for it.

Research teams from different countries are engaged in making their vaccine. But so far no finalists have come to a conclusion.

We would like to inform you that this is a virus infection. Which shows its effect from 3 hours to 21 days.

So far, to cure this virus, doctors give medicines to strengthen the immune system. And together with treatment, taking into consideration the symptoms.

Why WHO Launches Blockchain For Fighting Covid-19 Disease

Friends, Coronavirus has rocked the whole world. Every person is trampling for fear of this.

According to doctors, so far, prevention from the corona is the best cure. But no global platform is active for sharing information.

Each government has its own limitations and they work within their limits. Sometimes complete information is not accessible to the common people. Due to which virus infection and mortality increase.

Keeping all these problems in mind, the WHO has designed a decentralized blockchain platform. Through which information will be shared equally across the world.

Blockchain technology is not controlled by any country. Therefore, the World Health Organization will share information and prevention methods related to the coronavirus with the whole world.

Sometimes people spread false rumors as well. Decentralized blockchain systems are paramount to avoid these.

Because no change of any kind can be made in it. And this work is best in human interest.

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