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Who Is God [Who Created & How Looks] ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ




Hello, friends today I will discuss who is God or Bhagwan. Actually each and every person in the world either a child or adult want to know God. No matter how big an atheist is, he must have ever try to found God in his life.

Keeping this in mind, we are going to discuss this topic(who is God) today. Along with this who is God, we will also see who has made Bhagwan and how Bhagwan looks.

Friends, you have often seen that many people continue to argue around and they do not reach any final result. These people often start a discussion about who is God but they didn’t get any destination and come back to the starting point.

Who Is God

Dear Friends God is not the subject of words and speeches. We can not see, can’t speak, can’t touch Bhagwan. Bhagwan is a special Sound that is continuously ringing in the whole universe.

Suppose someone has heard that Dhwani means he/she has got GOD. This Dhwani(sound) is called Sar Sabad. Sar Sabad is our God.

People say, Ram, Vishnu, Mahadev, Bhramha, Shree Krishna are God. No friends that are wrong.

Friends each and everything that can be seen from our physical eyes have God but that is different from God. Take the example of Bhramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. These are three divine power.

These are the symbol of God but not actual Bhagwan.

Let’s understand this truth with the example. Who is God

If you believe in God, then you must have gone to the temple in your life ever since. By going to the temple, we first play the bells and after that, we start the meditation(Dhyan of Bhagwan) that is kept in front of us.

So, friends, this is the symbol of Bhagwan that is suggesting to us that God is that Sound and for focusing we use Sculptures. Shank Nad is also an example of Ishwar in worship.

By going to the temple, we have a sense of God in our mind but we can not attain Bhagwan. To get Bhagwan we have to listen to the SAR Sabda, echoing in our mind temple.

Example 2 Who Is God

You have often seen that whenever a Muslim reads Namaz, he gives a finger in his ear. And these people are engaged in trying to get God in this way.

That is why it is said that Bhagwan is infinite and that is unborn.

Example 3 God Definition

In the third example, I will tell you some statements that we often hear. The first statement that you often hear in society is that Ram Ram is true.

Ram Ram Satya Hai

Here in this statement, a Ram means the body that we see. But the second Ram is because we do not see them with these eyes.

That is the reason people say Ram Ram Satya hai. Here people want to convey a message to the society that Ram of Ram is True.

The Ram that we are seeing by eyes is not true but the Ram that is Ram of Ram(Sar Sabad) is true.

Har Har Mahadev

Friends if you have ever heard lord Shiva Stuti then you must have heard Har Har Mahadev. Mostly this Jay Ghos is announced by the Army soldiers going to fight. And in ancient times when Mughal attacks on Marathas the Marathas says Har Har Mahadev.

Har means Bhagwan and Har-Har means God of God is called Mahadev. You have often seen on TV shows that Bhramha, Vishnu and Shiva are always in meditation or Dhyan position. Just think why?

If they are God then whom they are thinking? This means there are these divine powers which have some special role in this universe. And these all are hearing that special Sar Sabad.

So, friends, I think who is God is cleared now. So you have to remember that Sar Sabad is Our Bhagwan.

Who Created God

Friends, who made God that we will discuss later, we first know who has created this creation. In relation to the origin of this universe, scientists have given a lot of arguments.

But no scientist can certainly say that who created the universe. In this context, you will only see Kori Kalpana(Imaginary Theories).

Whenever such situations arise, then we approach our Vedas. Because in our religious texts the answers to all the questions of humans are found.

And on the same basis, we are going to explain who has created God. Friends God or Bhagwan is something that can’t be created or destroyed. So God is birthless(Ajanma) and presented everywhere in the world.

Most of the people make their imaginations about God, they all are wrong or you can say their own belief. Something like God has 4 hands, multiple weapons, there are some female Gods also.

Even many of them consider animals their Bhagwan like the monkey, Lion, etc. All these are pure imagination nothing is real and nothing has any existence in the universe.

Example 1 From Spirituality?

Vedic texts and religious teachers have been told a lot of interesting things about God. According to them neither can it be created nor destroyed.

It holds its position for a certain time and then changes it. God is suprime in itself. It exist since begining and stay till the end and even after the end.

Example 1 From Science?

Friends science consider that there is a suprime enery that runs this whole world. Lets come to the detail explanation. Energy can not be created or destroyed.

Energy caan only be transform from one form to another. And this is the final concept from all experts.

So here we can compare all the above statements and everything will be found similar. There is only a difference of name in this title.

So friends noone created God. It produced by itself by its own willingness and it spread into multiple branches and growing everyday.

How God Looks Like

Friends it also the confusing questions among all experts. We are talking about experts here because these people have mastered their subject.

And whenever they convey any message to the society then they study all positive and negative points about that.

Friends someone may say that Bhagwan looks like Shankar, Vishnu, or Brahma. Sometimes someone may say that God Looks like Indra, Hanuman, Krishna or Ram.

Some female may argue with our respected goddesses like Lakshmi, Uma and Saraswati and many more. Actually, these people feel God in that symbol.

And they have made a belief in their mind that if there is any God in the universe then he will be looks like them.

So friends forget about how God looks like because you will find him/her in what image you have captured in your mind. Generally, I am going to share my personal experience with you my dear friends and all viewers.

The Avtar of God comes in India and he wears very simple clothes, so he looks like a normal human being. Forget everything if you are thinking about the movie and images.

We are talking about experts here because these people have mastered their subject. WallPaper and calendars hanging on the wall of your home.

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