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News Partner Company Travala Accepts Tether Payment



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Good news! partner company Travala Accepts Tether payments [ USDT ] for booking of hotels and accommodations. See below image:

Travala Accepts Tether Payment USDT is a very well known name for online ticket booking. Likewise, You can book flights, hotels, accommodations, cars, etc. internationally with is a partner company with Which accepts payments for accommodations and hotel bookings in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereums.

Image Source: Google Screenshot

On 10th January 2020 Travala officially confirm that now they will accept Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency for online booking. Also, see the below statement of CEO Matt Luczynski.

“Part of our mission is to provide our users with a wide choice of the most well known and used cryptocurrencies so it made perfect sense for us to integrate USDT as a payment option on”

Travala CEO Matt Luczynski

This is really a good achievement for all crypto investors and traders. Actually the reason is that crypto is replacing the fiat currency continuously.

Also, We are noticing the rapid growth in cryptocurrency usability since the central bank statement about stable coins.

Stability comes with usability. Likewise, all cryptocurrency buyers and sellers creates usability of cryptocurrency. Also, Travala Accepts Tether payments it will increase the usability of Tether USDT coin.

[ USDT ] Tether’s Importance in Cryptocurrency Market

Tether is a merchant coin since it was introduced to the market in 2017. Actually we all know that crypto market is volatile. And merchants can not take the risk with Bitcoin holding.

All merchants that accept crypto payment convert their Bitcoins and other altcoins into USDT for securing the price fall loss.

But now all Travala merchants are happy as they can accept Teather payments directly from their customers.

This will save time and transaction fees. Which they pay for exchanging their Bitcoins for Tether coins. It’s really a piece of good news for both buyers and sellers.