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Toilet Paper New Currency In Hong Kong And Singapore Best News 2020



Toilet Paper New Currency In Hong Kong And Singapore
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Today In this post we will discuss toilet paper new currency. Now you may be thinking about what kind of news is this.

My dear friend’s whole world is facing coronavirus upcoming danger. Mostly china is affected by it but the nearby countries are not escaping from it.

It’s a kind of virus that spreads by air and physical contact, like the handshake, breathing near-patient, by cloths, by towels, by soap, etc. People are asked to keep themselves closed at the home.

Hong Kong, Singapore, etc countries are also facing the same issue. There is a great demand for single-use napkin, towels, toilet paper. All these products are out of stock in Hong Kong and China.

Fear of coronavirus invented toilet paper new currency for the world.

Toilet Paper New Currency In Hong Kong And Singapore
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How Toilet Paper Become New Currency

There is a severe shortage of toilet paper in countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. Its online and offline stores are out of stock.

Some people living in Hong Kong have asked for toilet paper from their American relatives. An American person, buy toilet paper for $ 216 from and when they were sent to Hong Kong, the sending cost was about $ 200.

Apart from this people are getting Toilet papers, Masks, and napkins as a gift and lucky draw in Honk Kong.

In some places, people are exchanging services with Toilet papers and masks. Masks and toilet papers are being traded in some popular cities of Hong Kong and China. So, toilet paper new currency is invented for market regulation.

Name of Reasons With Toilet Paper & Masks Are Out of Stock

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Singapore

1. China

China is the original center of coronavirus. After Wohnung city, this virus spread in whole china. But now it is spreading is feet in the whole world.

Some countries like India, the US, Russia, etc. stopped their business or trade with China for the next few months or maybe for years.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is placed on the coronavirus graylist. More than 10,000 people in Hong Kong have Corona virus-infected and the number should keep increasing every day.


So far, only toilet paper is being used as a new currency. But given the way in which the risk of coronavirus is increasing, it seems that in the coming time, toilet paper will also become more expensive than gold.