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SIS Akash Ganna In Parchi Ki Jankari 2019-20



SIS Akash Ganna In Friends SIS Akash the official website for making an enquiry for Sugarcane Slips Calendar [ Ganna Parchi Calendar 2019 2020 ].

Here we used to get all the information related to the sugarcane slip calendar.

But recently this website has been transferred to another web address. You can find all the information of SIS on this website.

SIS Akash Ganna In New Website Address

The new web address of the SIS website is now Initially, the official web address was

But in Uttar Pradesh, most sugar mills have become private, so is their new web address.

Function of SIS Akash Ganna In

Friends, India is an agricultural country, where 60% of the population depends on agriculture.

Although sugarcane is produced in many states of India, but Uttar Pradesh has mastered the field of sugarcane production.

Uttar Pradesh has the highest sugar mills and sugar production is done in large quantities from here.

Sugar mills buy sugarcane from farmers and process it and prepare sugar.

Sugar mills have made an arrangement for purchasing sugarcane according to which sugarcane slips are sent to the farmers.

There are some problems of farmers related to the sugarcane slip calendar which are solved on their official website.


Ganna Parchi UP
My Kisan Org Parchi
My Kisan Parchi Calendar
SIS Akash Ganna.In Calander
Akash Ganna Dat In

Ganna Parchi Calendar 2019-20

If you are a farmer and want to see the sugarcane slip calendar, you can try it by clicking on the link given below.

UP Kisan [Farmers] See Your Parchi Calendar:

All the farmer brothers of Uttar Pradesh are requested to use all masks in view of the danger of Lock Down in the present time.

Also, Check:

UP Akash Ganna Parchi Supply Date 2019-20.

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