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OneCoin Recent Update Against Multi Coiners ( •_•)σ



OneCoin Recent Update

Dear OneLife Loyal Family Members here is OneCoin Recent Update

If someone has approached you to join any other coin recently as a replacement of Onecoin then get in touch with evidence. If you have audio or video recordings or screenshots with you then please share with us.

Your privacy will be fully respected and we will never share provided details publicly.

Please help us to remove such people from OneLife permanently who are damaging the image of the company. And working against the interest of those people who were waiting for their dreams to come true for more than four years now.

OneCoin Recent UpdatePlease protect your self and your Company from this type of bad actor who was pretending to be the most loyal leader in front of us. But behind the scene, they damaged and still damaging the company’s image for their personal interest.

They sold you billions of coins and now calling the same coin a scam and rubbish coin because they want to sell you real rubbish and real scamming coin to make more money from you. So let’s put our hands together and stay united and now it’s time to expose these people otherwise you all will regret.

Looking forward to receiving maximum pieces of evidence so we can take them to the courts and request OneLife also to terminate their account permanently.

Don’t worry if you have bought coins from them, they can’t take these packages anywhere. We will take our right back from them with the Company’s help. Let’s do it.

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