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OneCoin Merchants New Year 2020 Celebration



OneCoin Merchants New Year Celebration
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OneCoin Merchants New Year Celebration 2020 Party Malang City Indonesia.

New Year Charity Malang City Indonesia
1 January 2020

Buy meals using 100% ONE for 100 homeless people

On the first day of New Year 2020, Leny Jhanny purchased 100 coupons of meal from Indonesian merchant “BEBEK AYAM DURO” trough DealShaker using 100% OneCoin. All foods were given away to homeless people in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia.

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Thank you for Mrs. Eva and Mrs. Anna for all of their help and efforts to give the foods away around the street in Malang where the homeless people normally sleep in.

There are plenty of things you could buy on DealShaker and there are always things you could do with it.

Let’s work together to support and grow the USABILITY of ONE.

Photo source: Leny Jhonny

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