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OneCoin London Green Signals Report 24 Dec 2019



OneCoin London Green Signals Dr Ruja
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OneCoin London

Today we will learn about the OneCoin London Green Signals in detail. has published an article on 24 Dec 2019, according to which ONE has received full consent from London.

The London police have not arrested anyone in the OneCoin case. Likewise, after conducting a thorough investigation, Investigation is turned off.

This is undoubtedly very exciting information for all OneLife Members. Let us now know what kind of case was done on One Coin in the United Kingdom. And what the police found there in their investigation.

What Was The Case?

According to the police report, 4 billion dollars of UK citizens were cheated by One Coin. There were so many other complains like fraud, money laundering, etc.

And for a long time, the London police had been inquiring into the matter. And finally, this inquiry is over and everyone got information about these OneCoin London Green Signals.

OneCoin London Green Signals

A green signal means getting the government’s approval to process a project. Here we understand it in a slightly easier language.

No Arrest No Prosecutions

Police told The Times that we are closing our inquiry against OneCoin cryptocurrency. There is no illegal activity like fraud and money laundering.

Police raised the question on some white-collar lowers. There are the main figures on this whole matter. Finally, everything is clear now.

OneCoin London Green Signals Gift on Christmas

As per the different negative comments of social media by some ex-leaders, This is the best gift to all OLN members. OneCoin is the best coin ever. And soon everything will be cleared from the US.

Let’s see the UK found no illegal activity in the ONE ecosystem. I am not saying or comparing the UK and US investigating authorities. But the OneCoin is the same for all. And if OneCoin London Green Signals are in front of us.

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Then we will see positive results from the US very soon. Likewise, I have no doubt about it. OneCoin is a true, genuine, and completely transparent merchant coin.

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