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OneCoin Good News! In Upcoming 2-3 Days Video



OneCoin Good News Sofia
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Soon everyone is going to witness OneCoin Good News in the upcoming 2-3 days. It will create history.

Dear brothers and sisters!

In the past, the group had many unintended problems that must be resolved cautiously step by step. We know the Onelife Group has a huge membership community of over 3.6 million people spread across 200 countries and territories around the globe. Any corporation wants it.

The group traitors also wanted this number of members, so they used all the tricks they enticed to move members to follow them to the new company. A company is unrelated to onecoin.

Onecoin people only know about Onecoin, they don’t care about other coins. No matter who that person is, what the former person was. If he or she was no longer a Onecoin, no matter what he said, he did not follow. And we claim to only know and follow onecoin.

Currently, the group has changed the entire IT department, so it is necessary to clean and rearrange the appropriate furniture. The new IT staff day and night work hard to fix the loss for successful onecoin.

The office will open when it is repaired. will reopen when the technical error is gone.

About personnel changes.

Three People Leave The OneCoin Company

There are 3 types of people who leave the company.
– Traitors
– People who want to set up their own company, not want to be hired
– Those who leave according to the strategy of the corporation –

These are the people who are making the greatest contribution, they are the heroes, they deserve respect. Here we will meet them on the nearest day.

As for the leader Konstantin on the list of prisoners in the US who doesn’t have his name, so why hasn’t he appeared yet? This is the biggest question of the members who care about him.

OneCoin Good News Influence

But please, brothers and sisters, please rest assured, in this sensitive time, the leadership needs to purify the untrustworthy, the two-sided, the betrayers, so temporarily can not appear.

But believe that the leader is planning unexpectedly as a game of chess to make the final move to end the game for the victory.

At this time, the corporation is urgently completing the work to operate the company in accordance with the set trajectory. On your side, please wait patiently for the next strategy of the corporation.

Please actively exchange transactions on Dealshacker. Mai Loan is trying its best for the common of the corporation and the system. We hope to continue receiving your companionship to go to Thanh Cong.