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OneCoin Exchange Platform WWW.XCOINX.Com Going to Launch Soon !! Good News !!



Good news for everyone! OneCoin exchange is going to launch very soon in 2020. In this post, we will discuss all topics in detail with examples and analysis.

Dear friends OneCoin was launched in 2015. That time OneCoin exchange was live. And till 2017 we were able to check the total market capitalization and OneCoin position against other cryptocurrencies.

But after 2017 BaFin ban ONE trading with fiat and other cryptocurrencies. Since that time when we try to open WWW.XCOINX.COM, it shows a message of under maintenance.

Friends OneLife company applies for the reconsideration and there are some special criteria for reconsideration for exchange. And the company is planning to complete the required guidelines for the exchange launch.

Basic Expected Guidelines For WWW.XCOINX.COM Launch

www xcoinx xom onecoin exchange
www xcoinx xom
  • The company should have 1 million active merchants.
  • OneLife network should have at least 10 million active members.
  • Mass adoption of coin on a large scale.
  • Coin market demand should be high.
  • OneCoin should be used by the majority of merchants through the DealShaker eCommerce platform.

So, my dear friends if you are waiting to see the exchange website will launch soon. Then you cross-check the above five points.

How Long It May Take To Complete All Milestones

Dear friends as per the current updates and ONE ecosystem speed, the company will achieve all success points very soon.

OneCoin Exchange will launch in 2020 [ 0.76 Million Active Merchants ] Lastly the company tries to open exchange till Mid Year.

Hopefully, they will take less than 6 months’ time to complete all these tasks. Currently, the OneCoin team and OneCoin new captions are working on 90 days plan.

In this plan, they will launch the new DealShaker platform. This will also compete the exchange criteria.

Here we will be able to purchase products and services with OneCoin + Fiat payment. And our fiat payment option will be integrated with this New DealShaker platform. Dr. Ruja Launch a wonderful platform.

WWW.XCOINX.COM Features For Exchange

  • ONE TO Fiat conversion
  • Fiat To ONE Conversion
  • One To Crypto Conversion
  • Crypto To ONE Conversion
  • Expected Cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, Litecoin, etc.

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