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Good news !! OneCoin difficulty increased to 425



OneCoin Difficulty
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Good news !! OneCoin difficulty increased to 425

January 15, 2020 news abroad
It turns out very interesting about OneCoin
From Captainship by Simon Lê
As new management teams develop
An amazing thing happened behind the scenes!

Difficulty changed to 425
“Disclaimer” means the main website
Regarding “Forwarding Encryption and Exchange Only”
The content is clear.
That means 425 tokens = 1 OneCoin. 👌
Difficulty increases and fewer tokens in the course package…
Onecoin prices are obtained through course packs.
The current price of 1 ONE is 29.85 EUR.

On January 9, 2020
The Onecoin site has just opened.

The content that captured the (open site) content phrase that day.

Phishing Site Error

Recently all OneCoin related websites like,, is showing phishing site error while someone tries to browse them.

The reason behind this is they are repeatedly reported by haters to Google. But you don’t need to worry about that.

Soon this error will be removed as the trust factor will be increased. I am sure in this because OneCoin is a real cryptocurrency.

Merchants are growing day by day and this is the reason for OneCoin difficulty increase.

Very Soon OneCoin team is going to take an action against this error. They are going to prove something in the coming days.

Why did OneCoin Difficulty increase Without Barometer?

We all know that the biggest reason behind the difficulty increase is less supply against the increasing demand.

The company is working on usability and new merchants are showing interest in this business. Likewise, all merchants are getting double tokens now compare to previous days.

Hence demand is increasing rapidly. Also, this is the main reason for this difficulty increase. And soon we hope to get some good news from the company.

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