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OneCoin DealShaker Info Important Tips (。◕‿◕。)



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Hello, friends today we are going to share some useful Dealshaker Info and tips which will be very helpful for the beginning and understanding OneEcosystem.


We will turn off comment opportunities on posts related to marketing posts and sharing deals. The reason is simply that we do not have time to answer everything that is written. And our purpose with these posts is not to create discussion but inspiration.
If you have any questions or need help, you are welcome to contact us at email [email protected]

OneCoin Important Tips:

Make sure you have an approved KYC and know your transaction password. This is needed to use your ONE for trading and future functions.

DealShaker Info: What is DealShaker? is a trading platform for sellers and buyers where trading is created with the opportunity to use ONE as a means of payment and sometimes together with Euro. Great opportunity for the customer with the holding of ONE as well as for the seller to reach a capital strong customer base. This is now the beginning of an ecosystem. So together we help to create inspiration and vision because it is we who own ONE who should have a smile on our lips.

When trading on, read carefully the description of the deal and terms of use in the deal you are interested in. All deals are designed differently. It is important that you know what you are buying, as in whatever purchase you make in life. The seller can freely choose how they deal should be designed in terms of price and how payment should be made.

DealShaker Info: Price Specifications

The price stated in a deal can be designed in different ways: a) the price in ONE can be 100% for a good or service, b) the price in ONE can be part of a price for a good / service = discount coupon which you then can be used by the seller; c) the price in ONE can be a voucher = gift card that can be used by the seller; d) the price can be part of ONE and part of EURO.