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OneCoin DealShaker Expo Postponed See Why?



OneCoin DealShaker Expo Postponed
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OneCoin DealShaker Expo Postponed: Today we are going to discuss some basic information related to OneCoin and DealShaker expo. Actually, we are seeing that some upcoming expos are being postponed again and again.

Why we are unable to see mini Bazar in recent times. Earlier, people used to meet different merchants from different countries.

Used to share each other’s experiences and information with each other at the global level, but this has not been happening for some time now.

Most of the market has been closed, what is the reason behind this, today we will try to explain it in this post.

Why OneCoin DealShaker Expo Postponed

The main reason behind OneCoin DealShaker Expo postponed is Covid-19. This is a dangerous virus. And affecting the whole world.

The World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency internationally keeping this virus in mind.

The virus has originated in the country of China and has slowly spread throughout the world.

This virus is spread by learning to touch, by laughing and by air. Most of the deaths in China are caused by this virus. And many cities have been completely closed there.

If seen from the point of view of safety, prevention of any disease is the best solution.

Keeping all these things in mind all schools, colleges are closed, exams are postponed for next month.

All major event is postponed by the government. So, due to this upcoming danger COVID-19, almost all OneCoin DealShake Expo Postponed.

What Is Current Promotion Scheme

Currently, we are living in the digital world. Also, we are focusing on the digital and global currency. Hence our promotion is digital.

You can meet each other online. Likewise, you can talk to each other through video chat and give an overview of your situation.

With this, you will not have to travel anywhere and you will not be at risk of a virus. This is my personal opinion. Also, I hope you like this. What are your personal opinions share with us?

We are happy to hear from you. Also, stay safe and healthy.

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