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OneCoin China Biggest Achievement DealShaker Exchange



OneCoin China
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OneCoin China

Friends OneCoin China shows a strange view [or image] in people’s minds. The main reason behind this is that China is very strict against cryptocurrency.

Almost most of the Asian countries shows their negative agenda against crypto assets. We can verify these things with India, Pakistan, China, etc countries.

But India and China, both these countries have huge market potential. Especially in China, we see that earlier OneCoin company offers a special card for all Chinese members or merchants.

There we some legal issues with crypto assets and its a long time to complete all these challenges. Now we are seeing tremendous growth for OneCoin China.

Let’s take the example of a recent weekly newsletter. The biggest DealShaker Mega Event and DealShaker exchange for goods and services for ONE are recorded.

Mega DealShaker Exchange Event

This event is very important for OneCoin China because more than 1200 people have participated in it. These people have used OneCoin to buy television, home theater system, clothes and other items they need.

So far, about 2800 deals have been uploaded by China. And this in itself is a very big thing. Because we are talking about cryptocurrency which has not been launched in the market yet.

Here all things are possible by staying within the purview of the law. And this is the main objective of our company.

Merchants Progress

Recently we are noticing the rapid growth from different reasons of the world. ONE is being the most used crypto for merchants.

Very soon we will see that people will start using the ONE and One-Ecosystem for everything in their life.

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