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ONE News Propaganda [or Reallity] Full Case Study



ONE News Dr Ruja Ignatova
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Recently in the last -3 months, we are hearing different ONE News from BBC News, The Times, Social Media and so many news platforms. Even this website is doing the same work. What is the reason behind this ONE News?

We will everything in detail today. I have picked some data from my favorite friend’s message and trying to explain the exact matter.

The Times

Let’s start with the latest UK Police case. The headlines from news websites. The main headline was that UK Police Drop the OneCoin swindle of $4bn.

Just try to think why? How could responsible country police do so? How they can drop the inquiry? Any why we did not hear this news from other websites?

Likewise, this is not the case when a website published articles related to OneCoin or ONE news. Either they are in favor of against the OneCoin.

ONE News Vs Objective of Sites

To understand the objective of any person or project or business, we have to understand the complete business model. Let’s take the example of ONE news (OneCoin or ONE).

For understanding the OneCoin we have to understand the complete One ecosystem. Similarly for understanding the news propaganda of different websites like BBC or the times we have to understand the whole business model of these websites.

Electronic media is totally based on getting popularity and views. More views mean more money. The more popularity more chance to get attention from the world. This is the reason they publish such global interest news.

Friends just think OneCoin has its own weekly newsletter and they didn’t make any such announcement. Then why we get this news from TheTimes. Meaning is simple that currently, ONE News has international interest.

These agencies do proper research about their targeted audience. Like OneCoin has 3.5Million members worldwide and they all are waiting for new news.

But instead of telling the vision and mission why they are making such poor headlines. Just think it’s up to you!

ONE News From Email

This raises a very serious concern about the ‘BBC Podcast’ and the legitimacy of its contents. If what was projected by the program was credible, would it not have been covered by the BBC’s main News. As well as the print media, such as The Times; The Guardian and other broadsheets (creditworthy newspapers)?

One wonders what was driving Jamie Bartlett, was it the subject matter or the success of his Podcast?
When scrutinized closely, it was learned that he was writing widely. Using different platforms, to gain popularity for his commissioned work. Which was imbalanced, as he had excluded inputs from OneCoin.

Now to the latest case involving OneCoin in the USA. Where Konstantin chose to become a state witness against Mark Scott. Who was accused of money laundering $400m? Following the conclusion of the case, rumors started spreading that Konstantin has admitted OneCoin is a scam. Whereas he has done no such thing. If he had, would it not have been covered by the Electronic Media such as CNN and Fox News; Print Media, New York Times and Washington Post? We will have to wait for Konstantin to explain what were his reasons for becoming the state witness. And what exactly he said when he’s released, as the details of the verdict are still sealed.

What exactly is OneCoin?

For simplicity, OneCoin is engaged in the sale of Financial Educational Packages. Which gives the purchaser an opportunity to acquire free tokens. These are subsequently converted into OneCoin Cryptocurrency, again free of charge. This is where the greatest opportunity lies. For the purchaser to make money when the coin comes out in the market. However, through the ingenuity of Dr. Ruja and the Eco-System that she has created. OneCoin can still be used to purchase goods and services from its e-Commerce platform called Dealshaker. In a nutshell, OneCoin (ONE) is a coin of the merchants, due to it being user-friendly.

Do we not see time and again that anything people don’t understand, they call it a scam; fraud or the like – the classical example is that of ‘Networking / MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)’, which is called a Pyramid; Ponzi or worse, due to their ignorance.

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The media, whether electronic or print, is in the business of making money. Hence they use sensational headlines, in order to attract the attention of its audience. When the case in question is scrutinized. One would find that the case is not what the media has made out.