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Konstantin Ignatova Is A Free Man OneCoin



Dear Friends and OneLife family members Konstantin Ignatova is a free man now. As per the official confirmation news, Konstantin Ignatova is free on 13th March 2020.

Konstantin Ignatova Is A Free Man
Konstantin Ignatova Is A Free Man

What Were Alligations

Konstantin Ignatova was imposed in prison with the allegation of wire fraud and money laundering with Mark Scott.

All detail information on this subject is published on city press news in detail. Please read this report.

Konstantin Ignatova Is A Free Man See the video from twitter

A local journalist has described the situation through this video. In this video, this generalist has given his personal views.

Likewise, You understand them well and come to a conclusion.

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OneCoin Is Future Bitcoin was Passed.

Is It Confirm News

Yes, it is confirmed the news that OneCoin captain is released on 13/3/2020. everything is published on the US DOJ website.

Anyone can crosscheck this information there. It is a great pleasure for us.

Also, With this information, a wave of happiness has run in all the OneLife members, they see a new silver lining.

OneLife members should keep in mind that the objective of our company is very clear. Also, We want to spread awareness about cryptocurrency education among the people.

Only through education can we understand this new technology in a good way and can use it in our lives.

Dr. Ruja’s brother was arrested during a program in the US. Also, he was charged with some alleged buyer fraud and money laundering.

But the truth cannot be hidden by anyone. Likewise, One day the truth comes to the fore. The US government allegedly cannot keep an academy in its place for long.

And finally, they have to release Konstantin Ignatova. Likewise, that day came on 13 March 2020. And Now our ex-captain Is completely free from there.

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