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Kalki Avatar [10th Vishnu] Mystery Resolved (˵ ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆˵)



Kalki Avatar is one of the 10th Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Whenever people cross limits of their sin Karma (Pap Karm) then Load Vishnu Takes Avtar on this earth for establishing the right religion.

Friends Param Avatar Shree Krishna was the 9th Avatar of Vishnu Bhagwan. And it was predicted that Lord Vishnu will take Kalki Avatar in the last stage of Kalyuga.

All details about Kalki Avatar is described in our Vedas and Shastras. Today we are going to discuss Birth Place, Identity, Marriage, Name, And the exact location of Kalki Avatar in our post.

So friends read carefully and understand the things properly and also you can cross-check all the details with our Dharam Grantha and Beds. Friends, also you can go to that place and meet with that personality.

And I am sure if you will go there and find the exact Kalki Avatar and also you can ask questions about him and you will be answered with proof.

Kalki Avatar Birth Place

Friends India is a divine place. I am saying this because Lord Vishnu always takes Avatar in India. And that place is described very well in our Beds.

Bhagwan Kalki is also taking Kalki Avatar in India. As stated in Kalki Puran Kalki Avatar will take birth in Sambhal village. Friends Sambhal village is in Uttar Pradesh India.

But there is little confusion among people. They thought that Sambhal (Near Moradabad District) is Kalki Avatar Birthplace.

Symbolic Sambhal for Kalki Avatar

Friends above information are just only for understanding the exact location. Friends Avpbe Sambhal is symbolic of Sambhal. This Sambhal is not a village.

This place is a large town/city with 42 colonies. Colonies are well developing. Also, if we will see on the map location this place is not a proper circular.

Kalki Avatar Birth Place Identity

Friends Bhagavan Kalki will take Avatar in Sambhal this statement is correct but that Sambhal will have the following identities.

Kalki Avatar Birth Place Identities
★ Avatar Sthali(Avatar Birth Place) Will be complete circular(Chakrakar).
★ The diameter of this circular land will be 4 Kos.
★ 4 Kos Area will cover 24 villages.
★ Kalki Avatar will take birth in a village, not in town.
★ Sambhal, as stated by names that place, will be located in water like Dwarika and Chheersagar.
★ Friends due to Sambhal land, water will be saline of that place.
★ Friends Avatar Sthali is Sambhal by nature but by name all called it Kirarari.

This place is called Karari because God had contracted his devotees to come here. And they are incarnated in every incarnation of this place.

Original Sambhal Village or Karari Village

Kalki Avatar Main Location

Friends in the above Google map Image we can see Gupt Avatar Sthali. This place is kept secret (Gupt) from the whole world. But if you will go there and examine everything then you will find the exact proof.

If you will go to this temple then you will meet Mr. Harnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Harnam Maharaj Ji will clear all your doubts.

Friends if you want to go there then first you have to reach Mathura Uttar Pradesh. And then follow the below image to go for KIRARAI village.

Kalki Avatar Mathura to Kirarai map

Kalki Avatar Identity

According to Kalki Purana, Kalki Avatar will come with a sword and a white horse. So, Friends the exact meaning of the white horse is with the body of Kalki Bhagwan.

Hairs of Kalki Bhagwan will be white similar to Bhramha Ji(as we see in Images) and he will wear white clothes on his body. Likewise, the sward will be his knowledge. Kalki Purana states that God will destroy the wicked by swirling on his white horse.

The meaning of this statement is that Kalki Avatar will end the evils in the world from his sword of knowledge.

Along with this, I want to give you some more information which is said in our Vedic scriptures.

Sign of Kalki Avatar

✡ Signs of Kalki Avatar
★ The length of the body of Lord Kalki will be 96 Angul with his own(instead of 84).
★ On the head of Kalki Avatar will be a sign of the moon which is a symbol of Lord Shankar’s mark.
★ The Padma in the feet of Avatar and symbol of the conch in hand.
★ The lotus on the navel which is the symbol of the residence of Brahma Ji.
★ Upon the chest of the incarnation of the Avatar, there will also be a sign of Sahastrabal Kamal.
★ God never takes any donations from anyone.
★ Kalki Avatar will not make anyone his disciple.
★ God has illumination which can be seen only through divine sight.

Here we have seen some special identity of the avatar. Avatar is born in a Thakur family and hence he comes in Thakur caste.

But as he(Kalki Avatar) will do farming, he also will be called Vaishya. And due to the knowledge of Bhram(Bhramgyan), he will also know as Bhraman.

When there is a meeting of 3 phase power then it is the arrival of Avatar in this world. This 3 phase power is also known as Bhrama, Vishnu and Mahesh.

There is no 4th phase discovered in the whole world until now. Because there is no existence of any 4th phase. A similar concept is with Kalki Avatar and his arrival.

Family Details of Kalki

God is birthless but God has to insert in the body of a special personality. And that divine personality is Param Avatar.

The body that receives divine power is called Father and the soul of that body is the mother of that birthless God. But my dear friends that body have physical existence and take birth from a mother and father.

The Name of the father of Kalki Avatar is Durg Singh and his mother’s name is Sumati.

PersonalityOriginal Name Means Name
Kalki AvatarHarnamVishnuyash, HARNAVI
Father NameDurg SinghAbdullah
Mother NameMahadevi Sumati or Sombati, Amina
Grand FatherVIRJA
Grand MotherGoma

Friends When Kalki Avtar will be one of the fifth sons of Durg Singh. But at the time of activeness, they will remain 4 brothers. Actually, Bhrama Ji has five mouths but one part is cut down.

And this is the reason we see only four lions in our Ashoka Symbol three. It can be seen from the front and One is hidden behind.

When the incarnation is revealed, at that time a divine man has a horse named Devadatta. And their living place will be Kirarai, or Karari, or Sambhal.

Somewhere it is also called Rajesthan Created Jhelam Pradesh. Actually, Some parts of Kirarai in near the Rajasthan Border. And this place is created by Sarasvati River.

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