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Jamie Lever Corona Song Going Viral These Days



Jamie Lever Corona Song: Currently Jamie Lever sings the latest song on coronavirus. This song is similar to “Why this cola Verry di”.

Jamie lever shows a complete comedy-drama in this song version. And people are liking this very much.

She posted this song on her Twitter account and this is gathering so much attention from the viewers.

I want to tell you that Jamie Lever is the daughter of our most famous comedian Jonny Lever. Here look is quite similar to Jonny Sir.

Why Jamie Lever Corona Song Going Viral

This song starts with a cough sigh. Similarly, as we call somebody and a government coronavirus prevention message ringtone starts.

At times during the song, his music friends get emotional. A friend of his suddenly falls and I get up and walk away.

But then suddenly the main singer starts coughing and starts eating loudly. Seeing all this, the friends sitting behind them feel that they have also been surrounded by Coronavirus.

And they all quickly pick up their luggage and start running away from there. This is an interesting comedy song that you must watch.

Another Video Going Viral

Recently, another video of Jamie Lever is also going viral in which he is also doing comedy with his father.

In this video, doing a comedy with your father, the two fight. We want to tell you that in this video Johnny Lever has done Paresh Rawal’s comedy.

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