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India Will Help Pakistan For Coronavirus Fighting



Dear friends India Will Help Pakistan in the current coronavirus attack. This sounds a bit strange to hear but is 100% correct.

Actually, the whole world is facing the threat of Coronavirus at this time and it is wreaking havoc in China as well as other countries of the world.

Italy and Iran have the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus after China. Along with Iran, coronavirus has also spread to India-Pakistan and other countries of the world.

But India is fully ready to fight the coronavirus.

WHO Praised Indian Preparation

Complete preparations have been made to fight the coronavirus in India. First of all, in view of the danger of coronavirus in India, all school colleges have postponed the exam.

Our Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Modi had announced the Janata Curfew on 22 March as soon as the case of Coronavirus came up in India.

After the Janata curfew, the Government of India has demolished about 75 districts across the country.

So far, the rate of infection of coronavirus in India is very low compared to other countries.

Looking at India’s readiness, the WHO has praised it and instructed other countries.

India Will Help Pakistan For COVID-19

India Will Help Pakistan For Coronavirus Fighting
India Will Help Pakistan For Coronavirus Fighting

Honorable Narendra Modi Ji called a SAARC meeting to fight the coronavirus. In which delegations from all 7 countries took part.

India has promised economic and medical support to all countries. Pakistan is always the melody of Kashmir and was confident that China would fully control the coronavirus.

But nothing like this has happened and China has also refused to give Coronavirus testing kit to Pakistan.

But Coronavirus continues to settle its sins day by day in Pakistan. India has also helped in countries like Malaysia Iran, given the threat of coronavirus.

And at the same time, India has also assured to help Pakistan. Narendra Modi ji has said that India is always ready if Pakistan needs any kind of help to fight the coronavirus.

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