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ECB Allow Stable Coin OneCoin Get Chance Over Bitcoin



ECB Allow Stable Coin
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Good News! ECB Allow Stable Coin For Exchange legally. OneCoin is the best example of a stable coin with a strong userbase along with banking and trading licenses.


Christine Legarde precedent of the central bank is in favor of stable coin regulation. Lagarde has said clearly that we cannot ignore virtual currency.

That all this is very much in vogue today. According to the new president of the Central Bank, there is no problem in exchanging the stable.

Others like Bitcoin and Ethereum need to make some precise rules about these. But Stable with banking and trading license has got a green signal from the Central Bank.

Bitcoin is Unstable

Bitcoin is a trading coin and there is no definite address in its price. According to the known information so far, the price of bitcoin is determined according to the trading volume of the last 24 hours.

The monopoly of bitcoin operates in the world of decentralized cryptocurrency. That is why bitcoin has the highest value but it is not a stable coin.

And according to the new rule, the ECB allow Stable coin.

OneCoin is Stable Coin

One Coin is the only cryptocurrency that holds its direct usability in the market. Likewise, One Coin has 3:30 million active users and has its own e-commerce platform.

We can purchase all goods and services on the DealShaker platform. DealShaker has more than 1 Million active deals on DealShaker.

Along with this OneCoin is spread over 197 countries worldwide. OneCoin has banking and trading licenses.

ECB Allow Stable Coin OneCoin Get Opportunity

As we know right now OneCoin is the only stable coin with direct usability on the Dealshaker platform. And we know that till now there is no official exchange for ONE to Fiat conversion except DealShaker.

You can exchange your coins for products and services with a huge discount. Merchants are selling products with ONE+Fiat combination or with only ONE payment.

Hence ONE becomes the first and largest stable coin in the cryptocurrency market. And recently we get the news that ECB Allow Stable Coin transaction.

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This is really a piece of big news for all OneCoin holders.