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DealShaker Uganda Expo

Ladies and gentlemen especially all ONL members on in Uganda… First I want to thank everyone for the patience in waiting and trust in the company amidst all challenges and setbacks in our business Now as we talk our business is down meaning more problems than achievements…We are now planning a Uganda Dealshaker expo in September for the purpose of bringing our coin to the usability and introduce more merchants…Now, we are setting up a desk for Dealshaker deals in Uganda starting next week…

we will do the following activities in DealShaker Expo

1. Open up a merchant account on the Dealshaker platform
2.Register all merchants deals
3.Cross-check all the necessary information as per CDD.
4.Verify all deals before submission
5.submit all the deals for approval.
6. Follow up on the nonapproved deals for approval on all the KYC that has not been approved

And lastly, we will be Training all merchants how to redeem all their coupons on the platform…

Kindly arrange your team and your merchants and we start this work together next week…we will help all the teams regardless of upline, and we will do this online and physical…

What We will set up

1.a private line where you can call and the team works on your deal
2.A private email address where you will send all your deals and necessary documents.

Thank you for your time and let’s build the business.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rajesh Kumar

    July 28, 2019 at 10:32 am

    It’s good

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