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Coronavirus DNA Test: Due to the coronavirus, people are not even able to perform the last rites of their families.

Right now we are talking about the Government of Italy, where such cases are being seen.

However, this type of incident has also happened in India. When a patient of the coronavirus reached the crematorium in Delhi after his death, his administration refused to perform his last rites.

He had said that we do not have funeral guidelines for the person who died of this type of disease.

Later, according to the government guidelines, the person was cremated in the presence of doctors.

Itlay Cases For Corona Deaths

An Italian actor has shared a video of himself. Through this video, he has revealed the condition of coronavirus patients in his country.

When this actor’s sister dies of coronavirus, the administration leaves her alone with her sister.

The person’s neighbors and relatives also do not attend the funeral due to fear of spreading the coronavirus.

In such a situation, that artist says that now how will I cremate my sister alone. Friends, this is indeed a very terrible situation, in Italy, in view of the increasing problems of this kind, the family has turned away from their members.

In this way, all the corpses lying there are being treated like unclaimed dead bodies. With the help of the Italian Government Army, they are taken out of the city and cremated.

Coronavirus DNA Test Video Report By Zee News

Changes For Funeral

Friends, as we all know, coronavirus spreads by touching and coming in contact with the person.

Therefore, even after death, everyone should perform the last rites of the dead person with great care.

According to a report from China, the amount of sulfur in the atmosphere had increased due to a continuous funeral there.

So as the number of dead increased, they were pressed into the soil instead of burning.

Similar incidents are also coming out of Iran and Italy. A person suffering from the corona is not allowed to touch when he dies.

In a country like India, there are very deep traditions of cremation but now we have to bypass them due to coronavirus.

We have to follow the guidelines given by the government to prevent the virus from spreading.

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