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Corona Virus China Update by Air Travel [ 70000+ Cases ]



Corona Virus China Update
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Corona Virus China Update: You will be surprised to know that China has so far confirmed more than 70000 coronavirus cases. And this danger continues to increase at an unlimited speed every second.

The situation in China is so bad that the government there has to monitor its citizens with the help of drones.

No person is allowed to move out of the house. All the people’s houses have been locked from outside by the police.

But still, some official activities are available. Although all countries have refused to let their citizens go to China, still people have to go for some urgent work.

In such a situation, the chances of people getting coronavirus infection are increasing.

2,009 New Corona Virus China Update

According to the latest information from Hong Kong, cases of 2009 new coronaviruses were recorded here on Saturday.

It is very dangerous to have 2000 people in a city infected in 1 day. It has become a curse for the whole world.

If this virus is not controlled as soon as possible, there will be a lot of damage. If this virus is not controlled as soon as possible, there will be a lot of damage.

Biggest Effect of Economy

This virus is causing a huge slap on China’s economy. Along with China, all those countries that trade with China are being affected.

China exports most of its goods to India. But since the situation of the corona virus has been revealed, there has been a lot of decrease in import and export between India and China.

80% of all electronic goods found in India are imported from China. But due to Corona Virus’ China update, everything is on hold.

WHO declared an international health emergency with this incident. More than 70000 people are infected in China as per the Bloomberg report.

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