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Amazon Will Receive OneCoin Payment Yes Or No?



Amazon Will Receive OneCoin Payment
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Hi, today we are going to analyze a social trending news Amazon will receive OneCoin payment or not.

I got many emails and messages on Facebook from my friends and followers and they want to justify this social trending news is it true or not.

So, I am explaining everything about this and all your doubts will be cleared in this article.

Amazon Will Receive OneCoin Payment

My dear friends currently all trading with OneCoin cryptocurrency are on hold with BaFin. BaFin is a German finance institute.

Amazon will receive OneCoin payment it is not confirmed by the company. OneCoin has its own DealShaker platform for merchants and buyers.

Due to this ban, there is no conversion for OneCoin cryptocurrency for fiat or any other virtual currency.

Along with this, there is no ONE payment integration with amazon. Hence this news is completely fake.

There is no official statement by the company side that Amazon is going to accept OneCoin payment. But can’t say anything for the upcoming future.

Maybe in future Amazon will accept OneCoin payment but right now there is no such case.

Where We Can Use OneCoin Similar To Amazon

Yes, this is the right question and we will answer it. OneCoin can be used as a means of payment on the DealShaker platform.

DealShaker is an online eCommerce platform. There are almost 7.6 lakh registered merchants. And all these are selling different products and services with OneCoin cryptocurrency.

If you want to buy some goods using your one coin, then you can buy it from

Here you can buy everything from vegetable clothes jewelry house plot cart. The number of merchants here is gradually increasing and 1 day will come when we will be able to buy every one of our needs from here.

OneCoin Facts

  • OneCoin is a merchant coin.
  • DealShaker is the only eCommerce platform for OneCoin payment.
  • OneCoin payment system automatically integrates with DealShaker.
  • Almost 7.8 Lakh registered merchants are selling products and services with OneCoin.
  • OneCoin is legal to accept as payment on DealShaker.

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