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New DealShaker Exchange Launching With ONE Fiat & Crypto Payment 2020



New DealShaker Exchange
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Hi, today we will discuss the latest trending New DealShaker Exchange news. People are saying or claiming that OneCoin exchange will launch till Feb 2020.

What is the exact reality in this news we are going to do its DNA test? First of all, I want to clarify that there is no official announcement regarding the OneCoin exchange launch in Feb.

We have earlier published a post in this reference. Only the New DealShaker platform will be launch till Feb end 2020.

Here got this news that New DealShaker is going to be launch but we didn’t hear any news regarding the OneCoin exchange launch.

Also, we can’t ignore the feature of the New DealShaker website. Actually I got a message regarding our new platform. I am sharing this message with you guys.

New DealShaker Exchange Source News

The good news that the whole world has been waiting for has arrived.

We announce that #NewDealShaker #Platform #Ecosystem #ONE

Has been completed And will start providing transfer services at the end of February.
(Expected auspicious time, 28 February 2020)

How is the new platform excellent? To follow the video at Mom has just finished cooking for a while now.

Be careful, very hot, extremely dimensional. 🚀

Serve enough as an example to call for appetite.

For example, come with #PaymentGateway Which is not specifically supported #DigitalMoney Only

Bank Note #Fiat #Cryptocurrency is Welcome We are happy 😊😊

That means New Dealshaker is a full #Digital #Network #eMarketPlace platform, like #Amazon or any online platform that everyone can shop for. And can use the service It’s not limited to #Onelife family members around the world.

Meaning you have all the money you can spend New DealShaker Exchange

On the seller side, you can also choose to receive cash or #ONE coins as well. And we can choose #Exchange to change cash into coins, keep them in the bank, keep the waiting day on the phone

And don’t worry, we have a trusted middleman in the Payment Gateway. Which, of course, must be under the supervision of the country’s central bank. Dealshaker Franchisee launches

Therefore, ensure transparency And safety Including the protection under the laws of the central bank of each country already

And with the highest standards in all aspects And access opportunities for everyone on this planet.

Review Of New DealShaker Features

Dear friends, there is no official confirmation from the company. It is true that there will be some new updates. But the news of the New DealShaker Exchange is completely wrong.

Maybe we get some payment option but until the company’s statement, we can’t say anything. Only follow the weekly newsletter for the upcoming news updates.

Don’t believe in the fake Facebook and Whatsapp news. Always confirm the news with your senior or you may contact the company.