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Is OneCoin Worthless? | My Reply to All Haters



OneCoin Worthless We are here to win
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Is OneCoin Worthless? My gentle reply to all people to want to use the OneLife community for their personal benefit and personal altcoin companies.

Hello everyone,
At This stage rumors saying that onecoin close, no office, no employee, no blockchain, no exchange, etc….. then after all the talk they said they have better solutions but you have to follow them, Joint the business with them.

Just Think Once

  1. My question for them will they save the 3.6mil??? They said not sure. They can only bring the leaders for now… then what happens to all the members??? Not sure working on it??? What happens if it does not work out after??? Don’t know, let joint first, one at the time….. one thing is once we joint another competition company there is a big chance we lose everything in onelife….
  2. Will they have full usability??? They start building now…
  3. regard to usability onecoin has been build 2 yrs and they just start building now will it work??? Well… it depends on how many merchants in.
  4. Onelife has a big community now, lots more merchants now and been accepting for exchange good and service at €29.85 so how is your new business and merchant? At what rate will they accept??? I don’t know maybe it starts at $0.5 or $1….
  5. what if there are no merchants or not have enough merchant and members joint them what happens to the price?????
  6. The list can go on and on….. so be real and for me, I would stay focus and build onelife, deal shaker stronger instead of keeping jump to another ship where the captain of that ship has to show that they disloyal to their previous company. They run when the company in hardship then they can do it again if they face another obstacle in front of them. The thing can change but the habit of people hard to change. So choose the right leader to work with.

OneCoin Worthless Final Points

The next step to really be able to start is the launch of the exchange. In addition, we have a lot to do with all the platforms we have already built.

The company was attacked, it is attacked once again currently, by haters, competitors, and formers OneCoin leaders, then this has delayed the project.

Honestly, do you think, that it is respectful towards IMA members, who have worked with the tough effort to develop the company, while that you are totally asleep, to repeat like Big groups of parrots, the same words that haters against OneCoin!

If it is not because of committed active members keeping their faith and contributing unconditionally to the whole community, and keep the business ongoing, we would probably not survive one of those vicious attacks.

So, we can only ask members to be more constructive, positive, and progressive in their opinions and suggestions. Specially, we need actions and nothing else!

You have to know that we the largest Centre Bank, with 120 billion limited coins, regulated worldwide and all honest members are here to make the way for the next years.

So this was my personal opinion for everyone. I hope everything is clear now. Forget OneCoin Worthless title. Because OneCoin is the only coin with more than 1 million active merchants.

We’re here to stay !!

Thanks, Everyone!

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