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Dr. Ruja Secrets Best Explained 2020



Dr. Ruja Secrets
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Dr. Ruja Secrets: Hi since OneCoin launched, people are badly looking for Ruja Ignatova. Actually some governments are also looking for her.

The main objective behind this is to know the secrets related to OneCoin and DealShaker. Sometimes they may refer to whole ecosystem.

Mainly all haters looking for her. They want to know the secrets. I am sharing some basic hidden secrets of Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

List of Dr. Ruja Secrets For OneCoin:

  1. Dr. Ruja Introduced Blockchain KYC
  2. OneCoin is Merchant Coin
  3. ONE is made for Usability
  4. Coin price is based on DealShaker Use.
  5. One is Stable and can be used for Remittance Purpose
  6. Education is compulsory for success to achieve it by One Academy.

Dr. Ruja Personal Life Secrets

  • Dr. Ruja Is Monitoring all OneCoin Activity.
  • She is hiding for ONE success.
  • Dr. Ruja Has All Authority to launch a new coin.
  • She knows the risk management.
  • She is aware for the upcoming future.

Why Crypto Queen Hiding

OneCoin and Ruja are attacked many times by haters. Haters want to close the OneCoin business at any cost. They can do anything to prove it scams and fraud.

Dr. Ruja Secrets: she [Ignatova] is hiding her self for backup purposes. She is monitoring OneCoin from the backstage and soon she will appear…

Many times they attacked top leaders and top merchants. They are active on all social media platforms and news portals.

Timely we hear news from BBC, New Regency Television, Bitcoin news, Cointelegraph, etc. and many more cryptocurrency sites.

One common thing is that they all say that OneCoin is a scam due to some allegation. They can’t prove it wrong.

So, OneCoin is completely true and needs continuous supervision. This is the reason why Dr. Ruja Ignatova is hiding for the backup purpose.

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I hope you get to know all OneCoin and Dr. Ruja Secrets in this post. I explain these secrets in short form. If someone will want new detailed explanation then, please leave us a comment below.