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Captian’s Corner For OneLife Network 20 Jan 2020



Captian's Corner
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We may have been victimized by certain Central Banks and the US Authorities. However, we are not involved in illegal activities! We are a company that stands for transparency. Which the world of Blockchain offers, along with our very amazing and unique value proposition. And the concept of educating the masses about this world of Cryptocurrency, the history, and evolution of Money.

As you may already recognize, many of us knew nothing about cryptocurrency until OneLife and OneAcademy came into our lives. Please trust the company in its protocols and procedures as we go forth and build a longevity opportunity for you. Our main intention is to be a coin that is integrated into the payment processing center of the world and be utilized like all other currencies. This is our main plan even if it is long term!

Yes, the exchange is a very important part of our Ecosystem, especially with the Remittances Services (which the world is not ready for). This is primarily because the regulatory bodies are not ready for us as well. This requires us to keep the focus on our design.

OneCoin For Design Not Speculation

We are designed for Regulation, not Speculation! Thus, we aim to fulfill all the criteria for all regulatory bodies, based on their requirements.
With that being stated, please note we want a regulated crypto space, why? So that we can trade in the basket of currencies in the world fiat market. It is then, we can effectively have demand for the supply that we have. We must be mindful that the value of any cryptocurrency, once it is real, should be as a result of Demand and Supply (with a finite supply)!

To all IMAs across the globe, the company truly appreciates you. Know that without you there is no company. Likewise, without the company, there will be no IMAs and no OneAcademy education for the IMAs to even be involved.

There is NEWLIFE in ONELIFE and we look forward to moving forward with the right leaders. Who is hinged on the correct philosophy? Anyone in err of the previously incorrectly shared philosophy. Or believe we need an exchange for success right now, please be advised that is not what cryptocurrency is about. That is not what we are about!

Captian’s Corner: OneLife Mission Is Usability Not Exchange

We are about usability which would lead to liquidity. And usability is the true exchange we need as we move toward digital bartering.

The reason for the Merchant’s Goal of one million has been that it will allow the coin to be a usable and tradable commodity. It really was not created for the purpose of converting from crypto to fiat currency. You may ask, why is this so? It is because our OneAcademy education has shown that fiat currency is constantly. On the decline from the perspective of its buying power. However, if one has an understanding and supportive community, we can appreciate the concept and now move into a new threshold. Here we have, not a cryptocurrency, but crypto money. Allowing us the ability to trade goods and services across global barriers.

Also, the concept of paper currency has fallen prey to inflationary forces (the term economists have given). We must attempt to get away from inflationary forces. To do so, the crypto money that we now have may very well keep its value for a long time. Or based on its demand and usage with more persons wanting access to it. Because of the novel concept that the OneCoin EcoSystem has promoted. We can now have a coin that is increasing in value. Why is this so? Simply, to subscribe to the old statement, “once the demand exceeds supply, the value has no other choice but to go up”. Because we have a finite number of coins, once the community. Which is now appreciative of what we offer, has no other choice but to now want access to these coins: having first understood the purpose of the coins through our OneAcademy education.

Captian’s Corner

One of the reasons we would not fall prey like so many other cryptocurrencies on the exchange is, OneCoin has the DealShaker platform which is like an interim exchange. That is what it is best described as. As a result, we in the community, enjoy the benefits of using the coin on the DealShaker platform much like what we could do if we had an exchange existing.

Once we appreciate what we have, and the merchants understand the concept of paper money depreciating in value over these hundreds of years. They will want a money system that is stable in value. Thus, allowing them comfort in participating in OneCoin and OneLife’s Mission. And appreciate that this is the only way to go.

Please bear in mind that the goal of the company has always been to eventually be launched on the exchange. One may ask if you have a Deal Shaker platform that is performing efficiently. Why would there be a need to then have an exchange? Well, there are certain advantages that the exchange brings to the table that the DealShaker platform cannot. Due to its present structure, mainly the remittance factor. So, all hands on deck with OneFamily, and decide to join us in Financial Revolution!!!

Let us come together for more and make this world a better place by helping people understand Onelife for MoreLife.

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