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Amazing Million Merchants Technique 2020



An Amazing Million Merchants technique for reaching 1 million retailers [merchants] and 10 million members Fast.

  • How we will attain very quickly 1 million retailers and 10 million members?

The Main Goal is to be made Addicted to Merchants. And New Customers to make use of DealShaker as Crazy!

If people will be told about the benefits of becoming a merchant. Then these people will become a merchant 100%.

And if people become aware of cryptocurrency, then it is not a big deal to meet the target of 10 million members.

But for this, we need to take some more big and bold steps which are described below.

Nice Selection Tips

When Exchange opens, at first solely retailers will likely be allowed to commerce ONE to Fiat and ONE to Crypto. Not common OL/OC members, ONLY MERCHANTS.

The retailers will likely be approved by paperwork as recognized “Know Your Business” or KYB checks. So, each service provider may have a file of earlier actions and present actions in the DealShaker. And solely outdated retailers may have extra factors than new ones.

These factors will matter when the firm makes DealShaker prime 10% retailers chart (as prime 100 CoinMakerCap chart). And many purchasers will like to purchase from these retailers slightly than not good rated retailers.

So, retailers will likely be motivated to make the extra deal in ONE. And alternate much less ONE to fiat (for higher score blended. Score from the corporate and score from the purchasers).

BUT we’d like 0% tax payment for each service provider with turnover greater than 50.000 EUR month-to-month turnover.

This will encourage many retailers to come back to DealShaker and make big sells, due to tax-free.

By this technique, many retailers will come to DealShaker and can provide services and products at cheap or good costs. Likewise, this can strongly encourage NEW clients to come back and purchase one thing cheaper from DealShaker. However with a purpose to purchase some product.

The brand’s new clients might want to purchase ONE. and by this sensible technique of motivating EVERYONE. The corporation will create excellent liquidity within the Exchange, due to the sturdy demand of recent clients and outdated!

Also, the Company could make some promotions till reaching some nice outcomes (for instance for 1 12 months). So, this promotion will likely be, when a buyer purchase ONE from the alternate, will obtain 1% ONE again.

Everything is feasible if we encourage everybody!

So, this 1% again from the acquisition of ONE within the alternate will likely be for the shopper revenue. additionally, imply extra motivation for brand new clients to come back within the DealShaker!

If a NEW buyer comes from outdoors OC/OL community and purchase from the alternate ONE will get 2% ONE again! Everything is feasible if we encourage everybody!

So, this 2% revenue earned from the brand new clients buying ONE within the Exchange. And getting some nice value merchandise from the DealShaker, by some means.

Million Merchants Technique

These new clients will discover ways to get greater earnings from 2% by buying Educational Packages. with alternatives to earn greater revenue than 2%… and likewise, this implies that very big starvation will start for holding extra ONE cash.

Likewise, many individuals will begin to purchase Onelife instructional packages, and so, Onel if members quantity will begin to develop exponentially and MLM LEADERSHIP will develop big for extra earning.

The company may have cash and the Exchange may have big liquidity, IF we encourage the MERCHANTS with tax-free for above 50.000 EUR month-to-month turnover. Everyone will make revenue and everybody will likely be glad!

Tax-free from one facet will create large motivation for coming new retailers accepting ONE. This additionally implies that many retailers will likely be rivals. very low-cost actual costs of services and products and this additionally implies very secure ONE coin at the value…

It depends on how big is motivated, Everyone, Merchants and Customers. It is potential even in 2020 to be the 12 months of reaching 1 million retailers and 10 million members.

At some level within the time, the corporation will enhance simply little bit the taxes to 0.1% to take the fruits of its seeds.

For these outcomes, we’d like alternate and simple to make use of & very Powerful Million Merchants Technique.

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