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50% OneCoin Payment For Food In India [AP] 2020 Don’t Miss Out



OneCoin Payment For Food DealShaker OneLife OneCoin
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Indian hotel Merchant Seelam Shrinivash Rao accepting 50% OneCoin Payment for food in Vishakapatnam India. It’s really interesting that in India we can take our lunch or dinner with OneCoin payment.

Description of the Deal

A total of 50 coupons are available for taking food in Andhra Pradesh India. As per the deal, the merchant is accepting 50% OneCoin payment and rest payment in Indian currency.

You should go for enjoying delicious food with ONE payment. As per the normal charge total cost of the Thali is 200 rupees.

You can pay 100 Rs in cash and rest with the OneCoin coupon. Its really amazing for Indian merchants and members.

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OneCoin Payment For Food DealShaker OneLife OneCoin

Merchant Address

The merchant’s address can be seen clearly from the image below.

OneCoin Payment For Food DealShaker OneLife OneCoin

The exact map location of the food Merchant is S/O Seelam Satyam 2-117 Seerampuram Payakaraopeta Visakhapatnam India.

Mobile No. +919666096386.


When we discuss the merchants and their services the first question arises that who will go to Andhra Pradesh for taking food?

Dear friends India has almost 1,00,000 registered members with OneLife network. And all these merchants are spread all over India.

Andhra Pradesh or Vishakapatnam is just an example of using OneCoin. There has been a beginning.

And we have to make people aware of it so that more and more people can understand this concept.

Gradually, we will get to see food merchants all over India, but it starts like this. Oyo Hotel also started like this but today it has got a branded identity across India.

Who Can Sell Food With OneCoin?

Any member of One Life Company can sell his product and service as an individual seller.

If you are an ordinary person and you have to sell food using one coin payment, then you can put a deal on Dealshaker for that.

If you are a registered business such as a hotel or a restaurant, you can still do your business with OneCoin Payment on the Dealshaker.

Is OneCoin Legal To Accept As Payment In India?

Dear Members OneCoin is like digital money. Same as Flipkart points and Amazon Gift Voucher. When we purchase an educational package with OneLife we get some free promotional tokens.

These tokens are used for mining ONEs. And we can use this ONE on the DealShaker e-Commerce platform. So as per the eCommerce guidelines, we can legally use our ONE for purchasing products and services.

And also, we can accept ONE payment for our product and services as a merchant. And recently we noticed official DealShaker Bazar in Gujrat India.

Merchants can accept OneCoin Payment for Food, clothes, education material, auto, tour and travel, finance, housing, real state, business, and many more.

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