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Make Money With Apps Comprehensive Research 2020



Make Money With Apps
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Make Money With Apps

In this post, we are going to share complete comprehensive research upon Make Money With Apps. We are discussing this topic because this is the era of the smartphone. And smartphones are working with apps either they are Android, IOS, Windows Smartphones.

So let’s see what are the potential of making money with apps in this smartphone world.

Make Money With Apps Table of Contents

1. Make Money By Using Apps
2. Make Money With Apps Development
3. Make Money With Apps Advertising
4. Which Method is Good For Making Money Fast
5. How To Make Real Passive Money With Apps
6. How Can Someone Become Rich With Apps

Possible Ways to Make Money With Apps

Make money with apps

1. Make Money By Using Apps

There are so many apps available on your mobile play store. You can download and install them on your mobile phone. Now you have to follow some daily tasks like Survey, Quiz, Daily Task, and many more little things.

I am sharing some apps which can be used to make real money online.

(A). Swagbucks 5$ Bonus Money

Friends! Swagbucks is one of the biggest and most popular earning apps available on Android, Windows, and iOS. Swagbucks offer a daily survey, daily to-do tasks, Daily Activity, and daily Internet Search.

After login to Swagbucks, you will be provided a Swagbucks search engine like Google. If you will search something on this search engine you will get paid some SB points.

These points can be converted to Amazon Gift code, Flipkart Gift Code and real Money which can be transferred to your Paypal Account.

100SB points are equals to the 1$ amount. 1One Survey can pay you up to 50SB points to 500SB points.

Sign up Swagbucks

(B). Uber

Friends technology is changing day by day. Uber is one of the most popular online cab booking apps. If you are planning to go somewhere, you can go with a cab.

You just have to download and install this app on your smartphone. Suppose you have a car you can download the Uber app on your mobile and connect it with Uber application.

You will get paid every week by the Uber app based on the distance you cover by the app record. Its a really cool app. SignUp Now!


Make Money With Apps QPP Quora Partner Program is an online question and answer forum app. It is one of the biggest apps for online earning. Likewise, It is popular among bloggers for generating traffic to their blogs or websites.

Recently has launched its Partner Program. Quora Partner Program (QPP) is very useful for online earning. Also, The most amazing thing I love about QPP is that it pays for asking questions.

Other online earning options require more hard work but asking the question is much easier compared to completing surveys and writing articles.

The main drawback of QPP is that we can’t apply for it. Only Quora select the eligible candidate profile and send them the QPP invitation.

But the interesting thing is that top people are earning $1000 per month on Quora by asking questions.

Signup For Quora Now!

There are so many other apps available on different niches and can generate huge money for you. Let’s check the second method of making money with apps.

2. Make Money With Apps Development

If you are a developer then you can earn good money with apps development. You can do any development course for Apps Designing. Also, Apps development is on huge demand as all desktop users are transforming to the smartphone.

The cost of Apps development is very high. A developer can charge up to $10000 for a single app. Also, a person can pay you almost $100 for a basic application.

If you have some app development knowledge then you must try this. You can also sell your application online and increase your business by sitting in any corner of the world.

3. Make Money With Apps Advertising

Suppose you have a website on which a have a lot of users traffic. Similarly, Now you can monetize your traffic by advertising and you can earn a lot of money from your application.

To earn money from mobile applications, you can place Admob Ads, Facebook ads and other third-party ads.

And in this way, you can earn money from your application.

4. Which Method is Good For Making Money Fast

In our article, we have learned so far that we can make money by developing applications using the application and advertising on the application.

But a question is arising in our mind that how to make money with apps fast. Because in today’s time we need money very soon. If you want to earn money very soon, then you can earn money using the application.

For this, you have to go to your play store and download a good application from there. After that, you will have to log in to that application.

Now you have to complete the given tasks like online survey, to-do list and play games, in return you will get money and you can transfer it to your Bank account, Paytm or PayPal Account.

5. How To Make Real Passive Money With Apps

Ways to Make Passive income with apps

  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Earning

I. Monthly Subscription

If you have some apps with many users then you can make real passive income with it. Suppose you offer online services like tuition, courses, and many more. You can offer monthly subscription charges with your users like Linkedin, and almost all matrimonial sites.

II. Advertising

If you have content-based apps then you can place AdMob or facebook ads on this app for making money online. Likewise in this way you can make a good passive income with mobile applications.

III. Affiliate Earning

You can earn passive money through affiliate marketing. Many earning apps offer affiliate commission like Make My Trip, Canva, Payoneer, and

6. How Can Someone Become Rich With Apps

If you want to earn money using the app then you can never become rich. Because apps will pay you a very little amount.

You can earn your pocket money or some additional money but you can’t earn a luxurious life by working on apps.

If you really want to be rich then you have chosen option number 2 or 3. Likewise, Option number 2 is app development. Nowadays App developer is earning a very good amount for developing a basic app. Some advance designers can earn beyond their expectations.

Let’s take the recent example of the TikTok application. Tiktok is the world’s fastest-growing application, in today’s date, it is also making its users rich.

If you want to become rich through mobile applications, then you will have to learn app development or develop a tremendous app for yourself from someone else.