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Indian Government Scheme To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month



Indian Government Scheme: Friends, if you want to earn ₹ 100000 every month, then follow the guidelines issued by the Central Government.

The Government of India is motivating to become self-sufficient at this time. The government is providing special government facility for rural industry and local product manufacturing.

Prime minister Narandra Modi recently address the nation for imposing local manufacturing. Also, they announce 20,00,000 Crore fund for farmers and small industries initiation.

What is the Indian Government Scheme To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month [ Hunny Mission ]

The name of this scheme is Hunny Mission. In the present time, the government has developed such technology through which we can produce honey without harming the flies.

To earn ₹ 100000 annually from this technique, we have to produce 20000 kg of honey every year.

At present, the price of honey is And to set up this plant, you have to invest around ₹ 2500000.

Government Provide Loans For 65% Cost

If you want to start this project, then you will get 65% loan from the government. Some percentage money is also provided to you.

You only have to invest 2.5 lakh rupees from your pocket. Now through this Hunny Mission you can start producing 20,000 Kg Hunny per year.

This Hunny has 48 Lakhs annual return if you will reduce all loan and initial cost then you will get 13 lakhs on year end.

Which means you can earn more than 1 lakhs per month through Hunny Mission.

Youth Can Make It Career

This scheme run by the government is a golden opportunity for the youth. In today’s time one has to work very hard to earn ₹ 100000 per month.

But here you can do your own business with the help of the government and can earn 13 lakh rupees annually.

Earning your lakh rupees in 1 year by doing your business is not a big thing in itself.

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