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Measure Investment Return If You Really Want Earn٩(^ᴗ^)۶



measure investment return
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Make it a habit to measure investment return. This will open multiple ways of earning money from your assets.

Today we will discuss all these facts in detail. So let’s start our topic and I want to tell you a small story-type incident.

Suppose you start a business and did everything to scale it. And your hard work is being rewarded by the business success.

Now your business is big you are unable to handle it alone. What you will do now? Either you will hire more staff or you may leave it as it is.

If you will monitor your business you will get positive results. Likewise, if you will go for the second option then you will lose.

So what we learn is that we should always monitor our business activities. The same thing happens with the investment process.

If you will make a habit of measure investment return then you will get success definitely. I can assure this off my personal experience. And everyone is doing the same either he is a vegetable seller or a crypto trader or a stock person.

Measure Investment Return Success Truth

I think that you are familiar with the investment formula. Today I will share a new concept. Just check that what you can’t count, you can’t manage that.

The same thing is happening with the investment business. You have to measure your investment return. You have to calculate everything related to your investment.

Only then you can make a profit or real money from it. Let’s take a very simple business formula. Suppose you start a pen manufacturing unit.

And your manufacturing and selling cost is becoming higher than the initial expectation. Then you have to wear a great loss.

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Instead of that suppose you are dealing with some costly item. Then your manufacturing and marketing cost can’t exceed the profit you get on that particular product sell. So this will be your success.