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Investment Mistakes [Plan] Ensure Success Up To 99.9%



Investment mistakes
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Investment Mistakes

The biggest investment mistake is not investing at all. If you want to earn wealth and ensure success then you have to take steps towards investment. Investment may be in terms of stocks, cryptocurrency, bonds, business, and time, etc.

Whenever we invest our time and money, we expect to achieve a lot of profit. But the circumstances are not in our favor always. Even we have to wear a huge loss.

But it is also not true that we will be ruined all the time. If we will pay some attention to our investment strategy or investment mistakes then we can reduce this failure up to 99.99%. Or you may say that we can earn a profit of up to 99% or 99.9% in some cases if we will follow the exact plan suggested by the expert.

So we will see all investment strategies and all investment mistakes made by an individual.

1. Don’t Invest In Single Company

Our website WJS News is based on cryptocurrency news. So we will discuss all cryptocurrency news here in this post. Some people say that they invested money in one project and that is ruined. What to do now?

Dear Investors, you have to invest wisely. Suppose you want to invest 10000$ in an upcoming ICO project. Remember the success of an upcoming project depends on multiple factors.

And nothing could guess 100% correct. Suppose that project gone failed. What’s now? You are ruined completely now!

Investment Mistakes Vs Right Decision

Suppose you are planning to invest 10000$, then divide these dollars into 10 parts. And invest them into 10 different ICOs. Based on my personal experience you can achieve up to 80% success in this way.

But be careful you have to do proper research before investing. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of big amounts. So be a sharp-minded investor.

2. Waiting For Price Down & Surge

I have seen many people especially new investors, they wait for the price downfall or price surging. My dear viewers, it is the wrong way to invest.

Dear viewers please analyze the market and complete ecosystem not only the price. We never have to fall in the circle of price, we have to take our step only according to the ecosystem.

3. Biggest Investment Mistake Short Term Investment

It has been seen and said by top investors like Warren Buffet that always invest for a long time. Suppose you want to purchase some shares then hold them for at least 4-5 years and then sold them.

This will make you rich in real life. Warren Buffet says that they earn their 90% wealth after his 50% age.

After investing, stay patient for a long time. Because the haste in the business is a loss, I am not saying that you should not be ardent. This is necessary, but in case of investment, we need to have a little patience.

4. Invest in Crypto Stocks In Stead of Actual Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency investment business was highly profitable in its early days. In 2018, the price of cryptocurrency had dropped drastically, bitcoin went down by about 900%.

But in spite of all this, some crypto stocks have been more stable. OneCoin is also an excellent example of this type. However, some things about it are yet to be cleared.

Crypto stocks will pay you dividends at the end of your deposit period. And you have no limitations to sell these cryptocurrencies. These are your earned coins, you can hold them for the upcoming price surge.

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