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Best Small Business To Start in 2020



Best Small Business to start
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Are you looking for some best small business to start in 2020 with a low budget? I am here to explain some small business ideas with very low-cost investment.

Whenever we think to start a business huge initial investment holds us back. And we compromise with our entrepreneur’s dream.

This is a biggest issue with all middle-class persons. But don’t worry. Now you don’t need a huge initial investment cost for starting your own business.

I am going to share some best small business ideas that will make you an entrepreneur at no cost. One thing you need is some good skills and enough patient.

So, let’s start with the ideas:


SMMA stands for a social media marketing agency. In this business, we need a laptop and an internet connection.

The current era is the era of social media. Facebook is one of the biggest live examples of this.

Facebook has almost 2 billion daily active users. Now you can imagine the lead of brands. Almost all top brands are approaching social media platforms.

They require an SMM agency for this task. So, if you will start a social media agency or you may be a part of an existing SMMA. In both cases, you will earn decent money.

2. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In the modern internet world, online presence plays a significant role.

But due to high competition, it is very hard to appear on the first page of Google. Proper search engine optimization is required for better SERP results.

So, as an SEO business, you can make a good presence in this field. And this business is also very easy to start.

For achieving good brands you need to be an SEO expert or you can hire some SEO specialist for this.

3. Freelancer

Since each brand coming online they need different content writers, website designers, SMM, bloggers, Affiliate managers, etc.

If you have any skills then you can start your freelancer business online. Suppose you are good at content writing then you can approach brands for writing content.

You can make your profile on different freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, WorkAndHire, Fiver, etc.

4. Website Designing

Website designing is one of the best online business. You can start this business with a very low investment cost.

5. App Development

Similar to website design, app development is trending nowadays. Each big brand has it’s Android and iOS apps. You can start the app development business.

6. Cryptocurrency Investment

The crypto market is also one of the best passive income businesses. You can start this business with low investment. But if you want to earn more on trading then you have to increase your investment.

Secondly, you can take price benefits over time. Now cryptocurrency exchanges are offering dividends and interests like traditional banks.

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