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How to Make Money With OneCoin As [Interest & Dividend]



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Make Money With OneCoin

We are introducing all ways to make money with OneCoin cryptocurrency. OneCoin offers various genuine methods for earning along with learning. The concept of OneCoin is very clear the More you learn the More you will earn.

1. CoinSafe Dividend
2. DealShaker First Marchent Approval
3. Sell Product on DealShaker
4. Introduce New Merchant
5. Earn From Price Benefit
6. Trade on Exchange

1. CoinSafe Dividend

OneCoin CoinSafe is a system like a dividend stock. It is a process in which we have to deposit our OneCoin for a fixed time period. After the maturity period, we are rewarded with some (5-10%)percentage extra coin.

It is similar to another cryptocurrency. There are so many platforms or exchange which pays interest on cryptocurrency deposit. You can check all the detail in this article.

There are also some disadvantages of depositing in coin safe, such as you cannot use them for a certain time interval. Suppose you have deposited your coin in a coin safe account on 10 January 2020. Which are fixed deposits for 1 year, now you can not use it?

Suppose you have to buy some product in the month of March or April. For which you need a lot of coins. Now you can’t use your CoinSafe balance for this product or service. So this was the first method to make money with OneCoin cryptocurrency.

2. DealShaker First Marchent Approval

OneCoin or OneLife company is focusing on merchant development. There are so many Onecoiners in the world. But very few of them are using the DealShaker platform at this time.

A company offering a 500 Tokens gift for their first deal approval. Initially, this amount was 100 tokens but now for the last two-three weeks, it is increased by the company.

Make Money With OneCoin

These tokens can be used to mine onecoin. And after mining these coins can be used purchasing products and services on the DealShaker platform.

3. Sell Product on DealShaker

DealShaker is an online eCommerce platform. It is one of the biggest cryptocurrency eCommerce platforms. Also, DealShaker is an integral part of One Ecosystem.

Dealshaker promotes products and services online and payment is made in OneCoin cryptocurrency. So you can make money with OneCoin on the DealShaker platform with buying and selling goods.

Make Money With OneCoin

Similar to Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and other online shopping websites DealShaker is less with multiple features.

4. Introduce New Merchant & Make Money With OneCoin

I hope almost all of you are aware that the OneLife network is a referral business. OneCoin was introduced to the market with an MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) system. And each MLM company pays a referral commission to the upline member or sponsor.

The same thing happened with OneCoin or OneLife system. If you introduce OneAcademy education to a new customer. Then you receive a referral commission and also some binary matching.

Because of so many bad practices by IMA and media persons, there are some limitations right now with the OneCoin system. But very soon everything is going to resolve.

5. Earn From Price Benefit

Similar to another cryptocurrency you can make money with Onecoin from price benefit. But remember that the mission and vision of OneCoin cryptocurrency are not to sell at a high price.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova has a separate vision for OneCoin. She makes One Ecosystem for direct usability and a stable price.

But with demand OneCoin price is surging over time. So you can make money with OneCoin cryptocurrency by its price surging.

In a way, it is similar to gold in the same way that the price of gold is stable and only increases as demand increases.

Similarly, the price of one coin is also stable and with the increase in demand over time, there is an increase in its price.

Most people do not digest this because they believe that until the One Coin Exchange is launched. Its price cannot be understood as anything.

But these people should not forget that we can still buy products and services from DealShaker with OneCoin, the exchange rate of One Coin on Delshaker is 29.95 euros.

And very soon the exchange is going to be launched.

6. Trade on Exchange & Make Money With OneCoin

As we know and we should not forget that OneCoin is a coin with direct usability and this is not a trading coin like Bitcoin. But after the exchange launch, you can trade OneCoin on an exchange and can make money with OneCoin.