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Ganna Parchi Calendar 2019-20



Ganna Parchi Calendar 2019-20
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Are you looking for Ganna Parchi Calendar 2019-20? and websites are not showing Ganna Partchi details.

Now all Ganna Parchi Calendar data is moved to websites. And all Kissan Bhai are repeatedly looking for Parchi details.

Ganna Parchi Calendar Kaise Dekhe

I am explaining the complete detailed information here. You can check your Ganna Parchi Calendar 2018-19, 2019-20 and all details what you want to know. Follow the step by step guide stated below:

Step 1. Open Website

First of all, we have to open a website.

Step 2. Fill Captcha

When you will click on the button you will find the details as per the image.

  1. Type Captcha code in the blank space.
  2. Click on the View Button.
Ganna Parchi Calendar Kaise Dekhe 2019-20

Step 3. Fill Details

  1. Now in this step first of all click on Ganna Calendar button as denoted by 1
  2. Now Select Your District as shown by point no. 2.
  3. Select your sugar mill shown in point 3.
  4. Select your village Name in 4th option.
  5. Now Select the farmer name in the fifth point.
Ganna Parchi Calendar Kaise Dekhe 2019-2020

When you will select the Kissan name your Ganna Parchi Calendar will be in front of you will all details of Parchi.

In this way, you can check the slip calendar of any sugar mill located in Uttar Pradesh.

For more information, you can also install the mobile application of the official website. And through it, you can also take complete information on your phone.

If you want to get all the latest information on this website then you can also bookmark it in your browser.

Ganna Parchi Calendar FAQ

We want to answer the questions arising in the mind of the farmer brothers through this post.

That is why we are adding a section of Frequent Escalated Questions here.

Q.1 Can We Check Last Year Ganna Calendar?

Yes, you can check your previous year’s data through this website and if you want previous data from it, you can check it as well.

Q. 2 Can we also know the payment details?

You can also know the details of the sugarcane payment you have made through the website.

By the way, on payment of sugarcane, you get an s.m.s. Is received. But still, we want to know a lot of things like how much total slip payment we have received and how much slip payment remains.

Q. 3 Can we know the details of last year’s payment?

Yes, you can also know the details of your last year’s payment through this website.

Q. 4 Can we also get other information related to sugarcane?

Yes, on this website you will get all the information related to sugarcane such as how to protect the sugarcane from insects and what are the weed we should use for a good yield.

The government also runs many such schemes by which farmers are also informed about the method of sowing sugarcane. Also, they should cultivate the farm.