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When Will Kalyug End As Per Kalki Avatar



Friends in this article we will discuss when will Kalyug end in detail. We will tell you everything in simple language.

Also, in this article, we will share the exact Yuga calculation with different religious books. Likewise, we will share when Kalyug starts and when it will end.

Therefore, if you study this article carefully, then you will have complete knowledge of Yuga calculation.

Age of Kalyug

Friends, whenever we ask someone what era is going on now, the answer to most Mahatmas and sages is Kali Yuga.

They say that Kalyug is going on now and some people even say that only the first phase of Kalyug is going on.

But the reality is different, today we will tell you how old the age of Kali Yuga is.

Friends, according to all religious texts, the age of Kali Yuga is 432000 years, all these births are human years [Manveey Varsh], here there are 365 days in 1 year, on the basis of which our almanac and calendar are constructed.

But My dear friends 1 Manveey Varsh is equal to One Day. And you all aware the 1 day is equal to 24 hours. we are doing this calculation because it is necessary for knowing when will Kalyug end.

So, the calculation we get in religious books are based on Manveey Varsh. But we all know that the universe was created by Brahma ji and 1 year of Brahma ji is 360 days.

So to calculate correctly, we have to divide 432000 by 360 which will result in 1200. Therefore we say that the age of Kali-yuga is 1200 Divine years[Divya Varsh].

There are a total 4 Yuga, so 1200+1200+1200+1200=4800. There is a little Sandhi [50 years] and Sandhyansh[25 Years] Yuga between two Yuga so it will become 4X75=300

So the total age of 1 Maha Yuga = 4 Yuga =4800+300= 5100 Years. In this calculation 4800 years are Main Yuga and 300 Years are Sandhi and Sandhyansh Yuga.

Thus we can say that the exact age of Kalyuga with all Sandhi and Sandhyansh is 1275 Divine Years.

Kalyug Starting Time

Now we have come to know that the age of Kali Yuga is 1275 years. Now we have to calculate the end of Kali Yuga to make sure when Kali Yuga started.

This is just as we calculate our age. To calculate our age, we have to calculate our birthday according to the date and year.

In the same way, we will calculate the age of Kali Yuga by knowing the time period of beginning of Kali Yuga.

Friends for calculating the age of era we have to take care of conjuction time. So, in this calculation we will take the example of 1 complete Maha Yuga.

When Will Kalyug End
Kali Yuga Start Time

According to the scriptures, this Mahayagya [4 Era Combination] started at 2:27:30 seconds before 3102 BC. And currently, we are in 2020.

When Will Kalyug End

According to the above calculation, it is ensured that when 5100 years are completed, the time will end.

This time is completed in half chaitra 1999. So the Kali Yuga ends here but this situation has not started in the Sat Yuga.

Satya Yuga Start Date

Currently, the Sangam era of 2 years still remains here. And as we know that there are total 4 Yuga[era] hence complete 8 years. so 1999+8=2007.

As per the exact calculation 6 April 2008 is the exact time of completing Sangam Yuga.

Dear friends a small era is equal to 5 years in [Bartane Ka Kram]. If we will do rough calculation from 2007 then we have to add 5X4=20 years.

So 2007+20= 2027 is the time of Satyuga in full form or full power. But if we will calculate the time of small Yuga start then it is 2007+15=2022.

Let’s see our exact calculation. 2020+3102(Kalyuga Start Time)= 5122 Years. While we calculate the complete age of Maha Yuga is 5100 Years.

It is clear that the Age of Kalyuga is complete and this is Bhogya Kali time period.

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