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OneCoin Full Forms For OneLife Members And Merchants



OneCoin Full Forms
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OneCoin Full Forms: Friends, we have been sharing One Coin cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrency and investment-related information for some time on our website.

But sometimes our visitors do not understand some words. The main reason is that when we get a message, the short forms of some words are written in it.

For Example ON, ONL, DS, CB, EX, etc are some short forms used by OneCoin members during their messaging in FB and telegram groups.

Keeping in mind the problem facing our audience, we have arranged some such full forms. So that you can clearly understand the message given on our website.

OL Full Form In OneCoin

OL Full Form in OneCoin is OneLife. This term is used to share information related to the main website OneLife.

OneLife dashboard is the backend of our OneCoin cryptocurrency main website.

As per the current ecosystem everything like education package, MLM, Cryptocurrency, ECommerce, can be managed from the OneLife website.

OLN OneCoin Full Form

OLN Full Form is OneLife Network. Especially this term is used to referring a message to the whole one coin community.

This message language is generated from some leaders that were initially active in weekly webinars.

DS Full Form

If someone uses DS term in OneCoin message then the meaning of DS is DealShaker. It is the largest online eCommerce platform that sells products with OneCoin cryptocurrency.

CB Full Form

The Full Form of CB is Central Bank. Whenever we read something that we apply for CB license or some other related term then CB stands for Central Bank.

EX Means

EX stands for exchange. It is the primary letter of exchange word. In the whole cryptocurrency language Exchange is denoted by EX letter symbol.

I hope all OneeCoin full forms are clear to you. We will update all upcoming short forms in this post later. You also can send us a message or comment for confirming any OneCoin full forms.

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