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OneCoin News Exchange [19 Aug] NewsLetter ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )



[Headquarters 08.19] OneCoin Exchange News from the Official NewsLetter.

➰ ➰ -Exchange platform stage 3- ➰ ➰

It’s time to start preparing to launch an exchange.

For the proper operation of the platform and the correct use from all users, we want to illuminate some of the following:

The exchange platform allows all users to exchange.

o Fiat to Fiat (all major fiat currencies) FF

o Crypto to Fiat (all major approved cryptocurrencies vs major fiat) CF

o Fiat to Crypto (major Fiat vs. approved cryptocurrency) FC

o Crypto to Crypto (all major approved cryptocurrencies vs. major approved cryptocurrencies) CC

The process is performed by following these steps:

Step 1: 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ Compliance-Due Diligence-KYC 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️

OneCoin News Dr Ruja Ignatova OneLife Newsletter

The user must:

1.1- You must activate your email and authenticate your mobile via your name, email and mobile registration, and OTP.

1.2- Once registered, you must meet the KYC requirements.

1.3- Once KYC is approved, user profiles will be created on the exchange platform.

1.4- Once the profile is approved, you will be able to create a wallet and current account to use.

1.5- Accounts and electronic wallets are approved quickly and notified to initiate and exchange transactions.

Step 2: Exchange and Trade 🤑 !! OneCoin News !! 🤑

You should be able to trade and exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies.

2.1- You must decide what type of transaction to run (buy or sell).

2.2- The exchange and transaction type to be executed must be determined (FF / CF / FC / CC).

2.3- Activate a system that can approve the transaction after verifying the availability and allowance of funds in the current account or cryptocurrency of the electronic wallet.

2.4- Once the operation is confirmed, the user must confirm the transaction execution by OTP *

2.5 Once OTP * is identified, you can see the flow of funds for all cryptocurrencies based on DVP * / RVP **.


Step 3: Send Money 💱 💯 OneCoin News 💯

Transfer fiat money to another beneficiary.

3.1- Generate payment details including bank account as required.

3.2- Once payment is made, it must be confirmed by OTP.

3.3- Once payment is confirmed with OTP *, compliance should be checked for compliance.

3.4- After Compliance approves the payment, the user must be notified of the remittance execution.

3.5- Confirmation via OTP when remittance history is created *

3.6- When you enter an OTP * check, Compliance validates the data and you receive an execution notification when the data is validated by the compliance.

Recipients will be notified by the reference number for receipt of funds.

* OTP is a code received via SMS for verification by mobile number.

** DVP stands for Delivery versus payment “simultaneous payment”.


The system that pays the delivery of securities and payments at the same time. In other words, the payment according to the transaction is made by exchanging the securities and the payment at the same time also referred to as “Cash on Delivery “, “Delivery against Payment “. It is a security method of securities that guarantees that the securities are transferred only after the securities are settled. VIP stipulates that buyers’ cash payments on securities must be made before or at the same time as the security is delivered.

* RVP stands for “Receive Versus Payment”.


Receipt-to-payment is a settlement process involving an institutional sales order subject to cash payments upon completion of a financial transaction. In other words, the delivery of securities and the delivery of payments must occur at the same time. This can be contrasted with delivery vs free (DVF), which requires no cash exchange at the same time as the delivery of securities. Payouts may occur at one time separately from the delivery of the security together with the payment. Receipt-to-payment rules occurred when payments were made to securities until the institution held them, and in negotiable form.

<Commentary> OneCoin News

OneCoin News Dr Ruja Ignatova OneLife Newsletter

Exchange company;

1. It is a separate corporation from the head office

2.Under our control

3. You have already completed the exchange platform and electronic wallet,

4. After the registration and establishment of the corporation in the first exchange, the country has already been completed, the exchange license was obtained,

5. With the approval of CB, the deposit of the liquidity account was completed after the opening of two commercial bank accounts.

6. Exchange officials, all managers’ identity checks and criminal records were submitted to the relevant regulatory agencies.

7. All relevant personnel has completed the required AML training.

8. We are building a CDD platform separate from the exchange platform (must be mandatory within at least two months after the launch of the exchange) and will be completed in September.

9. We are working on the final API linkage test.

10. Only field inspections and CB meetings are left.

* On-site due diligence this week @ OneCoin News

The reason is that our key employees are already traveling.
In the future, when the country is announced, all reasons for waiting will be understood.

* The first launching countries are non-European countries and Asian countries.
I am not a member of Estonia, which is a member of the EU.

* The head office IT manager (manager) and the five divisions will remain as they were in 2015.
Doosan’s ten subcontractors, who had been seized by German prosecutors last time, were also strengthened in India.
The recent “Http 500 error” is caused by the last internal server operation.
That’s why some of my few accounts work across a group of servers without blocking them all.

Looking forward, the Compliance Chairman has introduced KYC directly into OneCoin for the first time in the world and currently leads the headquarters management group in the position of co-founder.
Some translators reveal their identity and deliberately expose themselves to danger, the dirtiest and mean crimes they deserve from all members and are deliberate and malicious.

* The public introduction and mention of BYCoi prior to entering the exchange is a transfer that must be withdrawn from IMA, and participation in the band may be penalized.

* Please pay attention to improving usability based on the deal shaker.

Please take a look at what it is now to coexist and escape from ignorance and selfishness

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