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30€ Exchange Price ⬇⬇Drop⬇⬇ Ovid Bycoi ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?



Friends Today we will discuss how 30€ Exchange Price may be affected by the fake collaboration of OneLife and Ovid.

Exact Villan Story Affecting Members

Right now, there is an actor who “plays” with our network and tries to give Onelife members the fake idea of a collaboration between them and Onelife. In addition, provided information pages are on daily campaigns out there to promote their coins. These sites have not long ago accused OneCoin of being overvalued.

Let’s see now. This cryptocurrency that Duncan Arthur and his crime team want members to acquire should be launched at a value of 30 € Wait now?, the same value as OneCoin that Duncan Arthur previously accused as overvalued. In addition, they are promoted through a paid promotion at Forbes. (Nothing wrong with that though)

5 Years Vs 6 Months [email protected] 30€ Exchange Price

The problem is that they already market 3000 registered merchants. Most of these are from the NewDealshaker era which is completely inactive. And that the amount of coin holders with this new cryptocurrency is extremely much lower than OneCoin / Onelife. So OneLife is charged with over 105,000 registered traders and 3.5 million members worldwide and with a launch of the value 30 €, A work that has continued for almost 5 years. While believing in their own 30 € value when launched with 3000 traders and the same amount coins. Make any sense?

Mass Marketing of Ovid/Bycoi

Why do you think they are mass marketing your Coin to Onelife? YOU NEED MEMBERS. Instead of creating this themselves, They steal what we built up in 5 years. Is it OK? Should we members who built this network just watch? How do you manage your own network? Has Constantine done this? During the 6 months we worked side by side with the NDS team, there was rebranding and questioning we discussed. Constantine was on a change of name. Never before has a new cryptocurrency and a blockchain been on the out there. Onelife goes out and warns its members in newsletters and back office.

No Collaboration B/W OneCoin/OneLife And Ovid/Bycoi # 30€ Exchange Price

But still, one chooses to stand in the “doubtful” line. There is no collaboration between either OneCoin or Onelife and Ovid / Bycoi. I hope this text is clearly not so that you know that One has nothing to do with Ovid, Bycoi and that Onelife has no connection whatsoever with them. Constantine has approved a change of name. Never a new Coin or blockchain (what I’ve seen) As said. If there is other evidence, you may want to put it in the comment box below. Attached is information from the company that you can read on your own Onelife.EU page.



  1. Kamran Hye

    August 20, 2019 at 1:05 am

    I really think that Duncan Arthur has lost his mind thinking that he could take over the network of OneLife and cease the opportunity to become instant billionaire – instead, he is making 30€ per new registration and spreading the words that he will match the OneCoins members have in their OneLife IDs.

    Think about it. Duncan, betrayed the trust that was put on him to develop the new DealShaker and it was supposed to have merged with the when all works completed. Duncan, made stories and used the excuse that he was asked by Konstantin to do what he is doing now with OViD and BYCoi.

    There are always greedy people around and those who are like Duncan and steal from others, especially when you are trusted with more than what you were responsible for, they soon get correct treatment because what goes around does also come around and my belief is simple, very soon these idiots are bound for shock of their lives!

    • Duncan Arthur

      October 20, 2019 at 1:12 pm

      Kamran, you really are one of the stupidest people I’ve ever met. Get this into your thick head: I could not connect to a blockchain I couldn’t find, we have full legal access to the data. We paid for this, not Sofia. I don’t want OL members, you “leaders” mostly belong in prison. What I do want is coin enthusiasts. In six months I delivered a working blockchain, a functioning exchange (with three independents on the way) and a coin that had the first debut in crypto history of gaining in value. I had the “shock of my life” already. It involved being questioned by Federal Agents. It will be the shock of your life too but probably without you walking away since it is quite clear in terms of the US DoJ papers that OL is a fraud but you continue to promote it. You invoke Konstantin, he had a special name for you. Are you good at crosswords? I guess not since you’re not very good at economics, the English language or honesty. Six letters beginning with and ending with a consonant. Sue me if you dare

  2. Jorgen

    October 1, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    But… Onecoin is a scam.

  3. Budislav Vukasinovic

    October 22, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    Hva er pris på bycoi nå.

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