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ONE [OneCoin]: Why it is Our Essential Requirement



ONE onecoin cryptocurrency
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ALmost 5 years have been passed since ONE was introduced to the world. But a lot of people are not aware of it. Actually they don’t know what is ONE or OneCoin.

ONE [OneCoin Cryptocurrency] is useful money with high potential in the upcoming future.

Invest In ONE Cryptocurrency along with equity and bonds.

Let’s take an example of the internet in the 1990s. How many people were interested in the concept of the internet? That time nobody would like to create an email address.

On asking, they said, “I don’t need this thing”. But now the time has changed. In today’s time, email ID has become an importance and integral part of our life.

Today, every person using a mobile phone and the internet knows about the email ID. As email id has become an integral need and innovative identity of human beings.

In the same way, you are going to use ONE coin in the coming time and it is going to be an integral part of your life.

Some people may be thinking that “why only ONE or OneCoin, not Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency”. For this, we have to understand ONE in detail and also we have to compare their pros and cons.

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If you are a regular visitor of then you are aware of OneCoin cryptocurrency and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Similarly, you may read the below article for understanding the difference clearly.

Let’s come to our topic and study in detail:

Why we Should Have ONE or OneCoin Cryptocurrency

1. Future Demand

OneLife vision, the mission is very clear to its users. They are already number one in their business. They have beaten their competitors.

But the main common thing is that all blockchain has a limited number of coins. One day all coins will be mined and nothing could be done to mine some more coins.

Whereas we can print fiat currency as much as we can. Suppose what will be the price on that day? and what will be the demand?

There are 700 Cr people in the world and only a few of them know about ONE. And the price is 29.95 Euro. Can you imagine the price after OneCoin will reach up to 500 Cr people in the world?

2. Blockchain Technology With KYC

Since blockchain technology has entered the market, the meaning of some things has changed completely.

Either it is cross border transaction, security, payment system, even now some government are also involving in this field and they are making laws.

OneCoin cryptocurrency { ONE } has a centralized blockchain with the KYC system. Hence all activities can be monitor here.

No illegal use like money laundering and smuggling is possible in this system. Hence the upcoming time is for OneCoin.

3. ONE Provide Dividend On Holding in CoinSafe

Similar to other currencies and crypto OneCoil also offers a dividend to its CoinSafe users.

If you deposit your coins in the CoinSafe account then after the maturity date you will get a pure 10% return on your initial deposit.

As we know that OneCoin is a usable coin with price stability. So it will be a beneficial deal for all ONE holders.

4. ONE is Useful Money

Invest In ONE Cryptocurrency along with equity and bonds.

All the coins available in the market are used for trading. The main objective of making them was the trading business itself.

But later, due to the need for the time, their usefulness is also being noticed. But Onecoin has a completely different concept. It was built as a directly usable coin.

OneCoin can be used on the DealShaker platform for purchasing goods and services. Even you don’t need to exchange ONE into fiat currency.

So on this basis, we can say that OneCoin is useful money for everyone.


If you are an investor and invest money in the stock market. Then you need to make some changes in your investment policies over time.

Now you should also do some percentage of your investment in cryptocurrencies like OneCoin.

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