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Why OneLife Not Sharing Future Plans With Top Leaders In 2020 [ Don’t Miss Out]



Why OneLife Not Sharing Future Plans With Top Leaders In 2020 [ Don't Miss Out]
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Dear OneLife Family, we will see why OneLife Not sharing future plans with top leaders for the upcoming 2020 session. We will discuss everything in detail about the cryptocurrency market and why so many leaders are kicked from the company.

Every nice vacation spot will need to have a troublesome path. Success is not always easy. It seems simple but there is so much trouble to achieve it. You can take any existing example.

We all watch movies. Have you ever think about how difficult is the life of a hero or main actor in that particular movie. From the beginning, he faces a lot of problems and chases them. Finally, he succeeds.

Likewise, The same thing is happening to all of us. Having come by way of all the paths and temptations of the previous and nonetheless standing is for me an amazing pointer to a really stunning future for this venture.

Cryptocurrency Price Policies

To make it extra clear to individuals who don’t perceive what’s going on to this point: the mass market is ready for a brand new cryptocurrency that may be mass adopted, utilized by plenty principally consisted of unbanked individuals.

And undoubtedly Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and almost all Altcoins were designed to fulfill this requirement. Also, All these are failed.

Likewise, none of the existing cryptocurrencies can be used for remittance to date. Also, Even merchants are not ready to accept these coins for payments.

The main reason behind this is no price stability. Also, price stability comes with usability. All these coins are trading coins and everything is decided by the trading volume.

So far, since 2013, we have had too many crypto startups, ICOs, fundraisers, a few of them promoted by way of direct advertising and marketing. A few of them by way of MLM however to this point we have seen all of them fail.

They haven’t any crucial userbase, they didn’t have the plan to make value steady. Also, they didn’t have a plan to make usability depend on value creation!

They all check tokens on exchanges after ICO too early and kill the steadiness. Or typically even the entire value by itemizing and buying and selling cash too early.

Likewise, not to say a lack of regulation and never fully complying with KYC and AML that are necessary for mass-market adoption.

Issues With OneLife Company

For the last 5 years, OneCoin was already attacked, it’s attacked as soon as once more at the moment, by haters, opponents, rumors (pretend information) and formers leaders. 

Who’ve left the corporation to hunt their fortune with a brand new enterprise and use their place of belief with our OneLife members to promote their product!

List of Ex OneLife Leaders Leave Company

  • Juha Parhila
  • Kari Wahlroos
  • Denial + Eward
  • Dr. Pervaiz Daud
  • Igor & Andresa + Luliana
  • Jose Gordo + Mariana
  • Natchapan + Frank Ricketts + Staffan Liback
  • Duncun + Munir + Asad
  • Tom McMurrain
  • Dr. Muhammad Zafar
  • Habib Zahid + Vaselina
  • Mark Nishiyama + Miki Nishiyama
  • Marjan Noor
  • Deeqa Abdullahi
  • Dusan Torbica
  • Sina Hunt
  • Reuben Ferrer
  • Sooula McCormick
  • Seo Dongjin (Jin)
  • George Pantelidis
  • Damien Barnes & Eka Sunaryo
  • Hassan
  • Kamon sirinut Tanyasup
  • Peter Hjelte
  • Petar Todoroski
  • Jesse Choi
  • Blagija Gjorgjieski
  • GLG Alto Ylitalo
  • Simranjeet Dhanoa
  • Bernie Ogilvy
  • Thanos Angelis
  • Christos Polychroniadis
  • Nikos Chrousis
  • Kostas A. Ferhati
  • GLG Alex Ferhati
  • Balafas Evangelos
  • Giannelis Petros
  • Eddy R Harbie
  • Ioannis Kazazis
  • Laufilitoga Fretton-Anae
  • Bruce & Minda Evans
  • Ismael Sosa
  • Precious Remolino
  • Eva Ferhati
  • Savvas Papadios
  • Quini Amores
  • Daniel Perez

What Happened With The Ex-OneLife Leaders Who Join Other Companies

Some of our former leaders have left OneLife to seek their fortune with a new venture called Invicta.

Also, you will know why OneLife not sharing future plans with top leaders with this example.

We have nothing against anyone leaving OneLife and pursuing some other career. Everyone is free to follow their desire.

However, we are concerned that they may use their position of trust with our people to sell their product, which may not be suitable.

One should remember, Cryptocurrency has zero value. Its value lies in its usability. Greater the usability, the greater the value of the coin.

Normally it takes between four to five years to create sustainable usability. Invicta is a new coin, what usability can it have?

Remember what happened to Firstcoin. The coin came out into the market. People who bought the coin were asked to put it into escrow for 6 months and they will receive bonus coins every month. Some of which they could sell.

This process put the price of the coin higher and higher, as there were fewer sellers and more buyers, pushing the price of the coin to $18.27 in December 2017. This is only after 3 months.

However, after 6 months, when the coins were released from escrow, which the people put for sales, this resulted in the collapse of the coin, as there were more sellers than buyers.

On the 8th of January 2020, the price was

The same will happen to any coin that comes out in the market without first creating sustainable usability.

Be careful if you are approached by anyone with a new Cryptocurrency.

If in doubt, always ask someone with knowledge.

Now you have been warned about Invicta.

OneLife Not Sharing Future Plans With Top Leaders

These have been the leaders who were once near Dr. Ruja and the company sector of OneCoin.

These all leaders copied & steal the firm’s plan and began their very own firm and at all times attempt to hijack OneLife neighborhood as a result of it’s 3.6 million members.

None of them grew to become profitable until now after leaving OneCoin. And that is the principle situation at present firm does not share any future planning with any chief leader.

Stay away from so-called leaders. Also, Be constructive and consider in what we at the moment possess.

OneCoin Exchange Latest Update

Many onecoin holders keep asking for an exchange.
We just don’t realize that the exchange has been opening since the first time the deal shaker launched.
Yes, we can change our ones to become goods and services at 😀.
What do you mean by exchange, changing your ones to fiat???, if yes, meaning that we misunderstood the function of one.

Even if the exchanger opens, that will be for merchants first!!!, do you want to exchange your ones to fiat??…be a merchant!!!😃😁👌

Kindly wait till we reach 1 million merchants.
1 million?!!, will it be possible??!!, of course!!
In Vietnam alone..there are more than 300.000 merchants!!,, and there are many other countries that need to speed up their merchant.

Why does the company really concern about emphasizing a large number of merchants?
It is very clear the usability will gain up and control the value of one.

What di happen with other thousand coins without usability??… #RipForThem !!!😂

We just need a simple understanding, thanks a lot for it and for our cooperation🙏🙏🙏.

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