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Why Is OneCoin Not Yet Public? Big Announcement



Why is OneCoin not yet public? a big question for every individual! Let’s do the comprehensive research for this.

For the simple reason that the EURO was not public in 1996. But rather in 1999 first in the scriptural form than in 2001 in the form of banknotes and coins.

Explanation: Why Is OneCoin Not yet Public

  1. the project of a common currency to begin in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty.
    Here new rules were established but it was not until 1999 that 11 member countries managed to submit to this treaty. And modified their legislation in relation to this treaty. It is only after that that the EURO was able to born and be counted as money by 11 member countries.
  2. The Onecoin project starts in 2015.
  3. Directive EU / 2018/843 was submitted in January 2018.
  4. At the latest, by 10 January 2020 and 10 days before, each Member State of the Union must comply with it. And put its system into force with this Directive.

Onelife company informs us of this directive in several reports

You know why?

Because the corner Onecoin submits entirely to this directive. But as long as all the member countries have not modified their legislation in relation to this 5th directive EU / 2018/843

ONECOIN can not enter the public market

And it is for the same reason that Onelife has created an inter-ministerial group. In each member country to help countries make this change.

Onelife knows that all member countries will have their legislation. Ready by December 31, the company can be sure to start operations in 2019 😍

OneCoin is going to exchange it very soon. Perhaps we will see some good news very soon. But we have to focus on usability. Because usability is the main criterion for making a stable price.

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