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🙅‍♀️Why is ONE the coin for Merchants ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)



Why is ONE the coin for merchants?

Hello, friends today we will discuss all features of Onecoin over other cryptocurrencies. And also we will know why is ONE the coin for merchants in detail.

The fact that cryptocurrencies operate in a highly unregulated industry and have a reputation of
being “risky”, “pyramids” or“bubbles” presents a serious barrier for their mass-scale adoption by
most users and retailers.

Asstatedmanytimesbefore, there are various reasons why cryptocurrencies could become the generally accepted payment means of the future. Paying with cryptocurrencies offers advantages to both customers and retailers, making them attractive to both sides.

Why is that: ONE the Coin For Merchants


As opposed to credit card companies, which usually charge up to 3% in processing fees, which can add up quickly. In contrast, cryptocurrency transaction fees usually do not exceed 1%, making them desirable for retailers.


One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency payments is the exchange, meaning the removal of a
middleman. This means that the technology is designed to facilitate(at least theoretically) instantaneous, cheap and secure settlement of values without a middleman, such as a bank.


Many retailers and online platforms that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method have developed incentive and reward programs for doing so. For example, merchants can participate

The numerous advantages of payment coin have led to the fact that there is now a large
the number of cryptocurrencies aiming to become generally or widely accepted payment means.
Out of the total 1,910 cryptocurrencies which are listed on CoinMarketCap, it is expected that about 10-20% of them are payment coins or payment tokens. And even more, will come.

What distinguishes OneCoin from all other coins and has ultimately lead to its acceptance and usage by a large group of retailers is:

Why is ONE The Coin For Merchants

One the Coin for Merchants important points:

1.the size of the partner network (active accounts are 3559259 and registered accounts are 13
2.the speed and transaction efficiency,
3.the incentives offered to retailers and customers.
4.the advanced CDD applicable policies and procedures (KYCandKYCCprocessinorderto
avoid online scams and to make the reporting process easy).
5.the implementation of AML/CFT policies and procedures that follow the latest updates of regulations worldwide.
6. the implementation of systems which will facilitate coin demand as the Franchise model
7. availability of an advertising platform (DealShaker).
8. the coin’ price stability. A stable price will be achieved so that merchants can be calm and certain that they have received exactly what they expect in return for their goods and/or services.
(mechanism for the stability of the coin has been implemented on the Exchange through the liquidity account, the artificial demand via the functionalities of the One Ecosystem and through

Payments with ONE- Advantages of ONE the Coin for Merchants

ONE is often referred to as the coin for merchants. Designed for future-proof mass transactions, ONE was created with the idea of accommodation of merchant needs. With its low volatility, global access, cost-efficiency, and mass-market suitability, ONE’s characteristics are perfectly suited for merchants willing touse safe and stable cryptocurrency.

With the launch of DealShaker in 2017, the coin was utilized by merchants. To ensure it’s global
a usage, OneCoin continues to develop its ecosystem of products and services, utilizing the coin
for both users and merchants, thus a fully functioning Franchise system came into place, aiming
to constantly increase the merchant number and to create demand aswell.

DealShaker’s Franchise model is the so-called Business Format Franchising. When they think of franchising, many people tend to focus on the law and profit first. While law and profit are indeed important, it isn’t the most vital thing about our franchise model.

At its core, our franchise model is about the franchisor’s brand value, vision, standards, and goals. It is Intuitu personae (lat.because of the person), a personal service contract, where the person of one of the contracting parties is an essential term of the contract.

When it comes to the Franchise segment of the EcoSystem and its purpose, the main focus is on creating demand while using our knowledge for local market specifics.

The company will continue to provide information via all corporate informational channels. So all the above points prove that only ONE is the coin for merchants.

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